Thursday, June 9, 2011

Venus, Mars and Uranus in midpoint and aspect combinations

When Venus and Mars meet, there is passion. When Venus is with Uranus, there is a sudden 'hyper' love. When Mars is with Uranus there is a sudden drive and action on impulse. So: Venus, Mars and Uranus together are the symbol of sudden passions and adventures or acting on impulse when attracted to someone. Maybe this doesn't always have to show up like it does in the chart of Anthony Weiner (tight combination of Venus conjunct Mars, both semi square Uranus) or that of Ryan Giggs (tight combination of Mars opposition Uranus and square Venus. But it often does. Nevertheless there are other ways to mirror Venus-Mars-Uranus than 'strongly passionate excitability: beauty surgery or giving birth - maybe with the help of certain techniques (but than you have another gender, of course). 

The tension of Venus-Mars-Uranus is in the sexual interaction. Mars-Uranus makes it difficult for men to stay with one woman. Venus-Uranus is one of the risky aspects in the charts of women when it comes to marriage. 

Let us find some female examples of charts with Venus, Mars, Uranus combinations:

Maybe there are easier examples. I keep searching for them!

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