Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pluto when a child is born

The reason why it is so difficult to foresee events is that we all respond in a different way to change. Take for example the moment when your first child is born. You are supposed to be happy, full of joy, grateful, shed some tears, perhaps…But many fathers and mothers have different kind of feelings. They feel a heavy load of responsibilities, a nervous change in the schedule, stress or incertainty. Such feelings may happen when transits of Saturn, Uranus, Pluto or Neptune pass bye in the period just before or after the birth of the new family member. I have written about Saturn when a baby is born (link), before. I quote:

 ‘On the day that Queen Elizabeth was born, Transit Saturn was conjunct  the Moon of King George VI (see post about his chart) perhaps illustrating that he worried about the event.”

It is the end of Father’s day, so why not post about another possible transit or progression: the one with Pluto.

Recently I read an interview with Bermuda born Heather Nova (9th July 1967). She said that the birth of her son Sebastian (January 26, 2004) changed her perspective. It was a period of thinking about life and death and life (of her son) after her death. I immediately thought of Pluto (the symbol of transformation, life and death), when I read that. And yes, Transit Pluto was trine her progressed Sun (and Progressed Sun was opposition natal Neptune).

The birth of a baby changes a lot and often causes stress.  In this case, I read that she continued a tour (eight months pregnant) and quickly followed the birth of her son with a new record (see Wikipedia). Because of the fact that the transit was with Progressed Sun, Pluto will not be part of the synastry between her and her son. If it had been a transit of Pluto with natal Sun, the relationship with her son should have been 'colored' by the nature of Pluto at best (encouragement and appreciation are some of the best things that Pluto has to offer).

When Barack Obama's first child was born on July 4 (!) 1998, transit Uranus and Chiron were square his natal Sun, illustrating change and starting a new surprising if not alarming:) period in life; busy days. When his second daughter was born (June 10, 2001) transit Pluto was trine natal Sun. 
Pluto and Uranus make a change...and when children are born, something definitely changes...

Progressions and transits of Pluto with the Sun are often challenging. See:
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