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Moon/Venus midpoint and aspect combinations

This blog is about Moon/Venus midpoint and aspect combinations, with a number of example charts of people in the news of today and yesterday. If you don’t know what a midpoint is, read this first…It takes a time of birth to know the position of the Moon (and the midpoints with Moon).
BTW This post also describes possible interpretations for aspect combinations. For example: Moon trine Venus and square Neptune is a Moon/Venus/Neptune combination. The best results, however, are with tight aspects repeated by similar midpoint combinations. For example: when Moon/Venus is square Neptune and Moon is conjunct Venus, both square Neptune. 
Here are suggested interpretations for the combinations of Moon, Venus and Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Node, Ascendant and Midheaven and some more about Moon-Venus:
Moon/Venus is the midpoint of feeling good, nice habits and modern style. Any aspect with Moon and Venus or the midpoint Moon/Venus tells us something more about that. The Moon/Venus midpoint might be hit when you fall in love or give birth or sense the good sides of family life. Moon/Venus is also part of the pattern of artistic talents. Having sense of esthetics and style surely will help you to create a product that people will like to buy or see. However, afflictions between Moon and Venus may cause problems for women when it comes to play the female role in life's theatre. Marilyn Monroe had Moon semi sesquisquare (67.5d) Venus, afflicted by Saturn and Neptune. The combinations Moon/Venus/Saturn and Moon/Venus/Neptune happen to be the less pleasant combinations with Moon/Venus.

Moon/Venus with Sun has been described in the Sun/Moon midpoint article on Astromarkt, that you find here… 
It is the combination for the art of living and living with the arts, depending on other influences. Love and style will be in the spotlights.

Moon/Venus with Mercury enabled Ronald Reagan to pleasantly communicate with women.

Moon/Venus with Mars creates a passionate trio. This trio urges you to hurry up when giving birth and in a natal chart this combination shows a need for passion. Perhaps this is the combination for puppy love and early experiences with the other gender. 

Moon/Venus with Jupiter might make you very popular. Women will support you and when you fall in love it will be with a great person. If you consider a lot of children as a demonstration of happy love life, you will have many children. But only if you want them!:) My examples are famous: 
a. Prince William with an almost exact Moon/Venus semi square Jupiter. He is very popular.
b. Pim Fortuyn, the murdered Dutch (homosexual) politician whose funeral was attended by hundreds of thousands of people along the road had Moon/Venus sesquisquare Jupiter. 
c. The combination might point at successes in art, for artists like Peter Paul Rubens (who also shaped his women the Jupiter-way).
This midpoint combination might also point at the reason for the popularity: being very well mannered, polite and always in style.
Venus Frigida by Rubens
Moon/Venus with Saturn does the opposite of what Mars does. Saturn slows you down. Saturn creates limitations and restrictions. Venus Frigida, that is Moon/Venus/Saturn...With this combination you might have a habit of breaking hearts, just because of cold feet. With this combination you have to learn to limit your desires, like the (very bad) example: Paul Bernardo, whose Saturn is semi square Moon/Venus. Of course, Paul Bernardo is not a normal person. 

The combination is also mirroring unhappy (or should I say: unlucky) women. 

Recent example 1: Anne Sinclair (wife of Dominique Strauss-Kahn) has a Scorpio Moon square Saturn and inconjunct Venus. The bad experiences in love happened in the past few weeks. Her Moon/Venus is semi square Sun. Strauss-Kahn is her second husband (she has Venus conjunct Uranus in Gemini -double bodied sign- in the seventh house). Here is the chart with the (still) dificult transits for June 1: T Neptune square Ascendant, T Node inconjunct Sun, T Jupiter inconjunct Mars and T Saturn conjunct Neptune. 
It must be hard to be involved with a man who is taken into custody after being accused of violating a woman, even if you believe in him.
The second recent example is Maria Shriver, who discovered that her husband had a child with the housekeeper. Her Moon/Venus midpoint is semi square Saturn and transit Saturn is now in hard aspect with her Ascendant.

Moon/Venus with Uranus accelerates feelings of sympathy and love. This combination might lead to juvenile pregnancy or giving birth too soon or surgery when giving birth. The other side is a great sense of style and rhythm. Beauty surgery, too. Kim Novak has Uranus square Moon/Venus in her birth chart.

Moon/Venus with Neptune: the women adore you and you are likely to disappoint some of them. You could be an artist. See Art&Astrology for dozens of examples. Here are a few more:
2. John F. Kennedy had Moon exactly square Venus and semi square Neptune. The midpoint Moon/Venus was conjunct Neptune. 

Moon/Venus with Pluto: intense and sometimes painful experiences in love and/or a habit of earning money. Francisco Goya had Pluto opposition Moon/Venus. Ronald Reagan had Venus square Moon/Pluto.

Moon/Venus with Node loves family meetings and nice (female) company. 

Moon/Venus with Ascendant is the key to being 'beloved' or lovable and to presenting yourself as a nice person. Men with this combination have a lot of women around (like Hugh Hefner with Moon square Venus/Ascendant). 
Dutch (Argentina born) Princess Maxima has this combination 3 times! That is a result of the small trine between Moon, Venus and Ascendant (Moon sextile Venus, Venus trine Ascendant, Moon sextile Ascendant, Moon/AC square Venus, Moon/Venus square AC, Venus/AC square Moon). Maxima is now the most popular member of the royal family and the very good looking mother of 3 daughters. 
 (She also has a Moon square Saturn and inconjunct Pluto and that reminds me of the post about beautiful women and Venus-Saturn-Pluto (for what it takes to remain in shape:). 

Moon/Venus with MC (Midheaven) is constructing a career related to art or women, like Ronald Reagan and Hugh Hefner. Women with this combination could be dedicated to being a nice mother and wife. I haven’t seen famous examples of women, yet. But have I seen them all?:)

For more about other posted midpoint combinations, see the label.

See Astromarkt to find out how about midpoints and midpoint combinations:

The chart of Hugh Hefner is here...

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I don't normally notice Moon transits in my life, because they're so short. The exception is the Moon square Venus transit, which always leaves me in a foul mood.