Monday, June 27, 2011

Julie & Julia, synastry and Julie Powell's 2009

Julie & Julia is a nice feel good movie (release August 7, 2009) based on real events. Julie Powell had a great idea. She cooked all the recipes of famous chef Julia Child in one year (starting August of 2002) and blogged about it. That is what the movie is about. Two things caught my attention: the fact that Julia Child was dismissive about the blog - and Julie-. And the fact that the blogging community 'turned against' Julie Powell in 2009 (after the movie). 

Julie's life changed in the period that her progressed Sun sign was changing. Transit Pluto was trine her natal Sun (intense living) when the movie was released and that was soon followed by Sun opposition Neptune in the progressed chart. That is a statement for negative press, being seen in a negative light, gossip and media attention (especially when you are famous). That explains the anti-Julie bloggers. But what explains the negative reaction of Julia in 2002? A quick look at the synastry of Julie and Julia learned that Julie's Saturn is square Julia's Mars, exactly. And that happens to be the most tricky synastry aspect of all (and I know it!). See the blog about it...
When the Saturn of one person is in hard aspect with the Mars of the other person it is hard not to become enemies. It is a confronting, painfull and sometimes even deadly synastry. Enemies often have this Mars-Saturn combination in synastry. 
Here is the chart of Julia Child with the transits of the day of birth of Julie Powell. There is no hour of birth, but one thing is certain: Mars is trine Saturn in her chart. In the chart of Julia Child Mars is in minor aspect with Saturn (105d). They share discipline (and being disciplined). And the disciplinary act of Child hit Julie (who admired the chef).

PS When the blog turned into a book Julie Powell's Progressed Sun was conjunct Mercury: she became a real writer! 

Tomorrow: more about the chart of Julia Child


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