Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mars (changing sign to Gemini) square Neptune

Canals on Mars?
In the blog about Mars in the progressed chart I wrote that nothing much changed when my progressed Mars changed sign, just another kind of activities. Today, Mars changes sign from Taurus to Gemini. That must be quite a change, from the lazy cow (not easily to offend) to the busy double-active always doing-two-things-at-the-same-time Gemini. Mars in Gemini is good with hands and so this position is perfect for Wimbledon: competition using hands and a lot of 'doubles'. However, the square with Neptune will immediately confuse the double-tasking promoter so that he makes mistakes or swings to the wrong side. I wonder in what way and if it will be at Wimbledon. It would be very astrological if there was something wrong, misunderstood or simply cancelled right at the very moment of Mars in Gemini square Neptune. It would also be very naive to believe that the rain will stop Wimbledon like last year, just because of the square between Mars in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces. It takes more than just one aspect, always...

So it probably won't happen, and the aspect will only be significant for the babies born on June 21 and June 22, whose Mars or Neptune have a prominent place (on an angle, for example). But what IS Mars-Neptune?

Sun-Neptune is about double lives (and the question: who am I really?). Mars-Neptune is about double drives and activities (and the question: what am I doing?) The pink glasses on when playing tennis, perhaps that is the picture of a Mars Gemini square Neptune. Or double tasking with an overdose of sleep. Or an infection in something double in the body, like with pneumonia. At best: making a dream come true by working twice as hard. I might be affected by Mars in Gemini square Neptune already, because I am wondering if the picture above (a double Mars - in Gemini!- with canals = Neptune) wouldn't be the perfect image for this combination.

I have a bad example of a count in Holland who was naive enough to believe that he would be spared, but he wasn't. Natal Mars-Neptune opposition. Soon after transit Neptune conjunct Sun (being seen in a negative light, gossip) he was convicted and sentenced to death. Those were the days...a mistake, literally loosing your head... Don't I have a nice Mars-Neptune example? Yes, the chart of Rod Stewart (on Art&Astrology). He has Mars square Neptune and they didn't chop his head off!

Maybe you have some more? If you have Mars square Neptune, what is your experience? I read about a man who kept losing his job because of not matching with the expectations. I have seen examples of people working in or with crime (as a lawyer, for example, fighting crime). It seems that Mars-Neptune makes you 'do it' in another world, the world of imagination or the world that the common people don't see. Perhaps they work with animals, in hospitals, as a volunteer, for their ideals? It is a complicated aspect, very confusing (...).

Somehow you would expect the aspect to be valid when it occurs, too, not just in a natal chart, for a character, but real action at the right moment. That is why I keep my eyes on Wimbledon...Meanwhile, please   do the poll...

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