Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wedding in Monaco and Sun-Neptune synastry

Prince Albert of Monaco has been a long time most wanted bachelor, but now Charlene 'got him' and the wedding will take place on July 2 and July 3. However, there seems to be a leak in the palace who told the press that Albert managed to become the father of a 3rd child out of wedlock, during the time with Charlene. The wedding was almost cancelled, the source said.
Albert has a hard chart to get married, and he already pays for 2 children (after the mothers proved that he was the father). Now I happened to read the article of Sun-Neptune synastry and not trusting your partner, written by Ruby Slipper (for the link, continue....) and I know that there is a Sun-Neptune synastry between Albert and Charlene. This kind of stories does not help her to trust him more, I guess. Challenging aspects between Sun and Neptune are often about being seen (Sun) in a negative light (Neptune). Negative press is also part of the picture when there is a Sun-Neptune conflict and you are a VIP. So, in a relationship this aspect is very confusing at least.

In 2008, when I first looked at the chart, I was not using Pholus , the asteroid with the name of the centaur who shot himself in the foot. But now I see that transit Pholus (in the 16th degree of Sagittarius) is inconjunct his Progressed Sun in the 16th of Taurus. This is reflecting a  risk of getting hurt by what you do at a turning point in life. And yes, it is quite a turning point in life when you marry at that age and for the first time. BTW, the Sun is also quindecile (165d) Jupiter and Jupiter rules the seventh house of marriage. It means that there is a strong focus on getting married. In fact, the whole world seems to be focussed on this marriage now.
PS I would like to write more, but I am using a mini computer now. Today I had progressed Moon trine Pluto, Sun and Midheaven (means feeling strong and manifesting it). So I rubbed the screen of my MacBook and bang! The screen seems to have been broken in two behind the glass....that is how strong I was, I guess:)

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