Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Prince Albert (really? really!:) getting married

Just like the last time (in 2008) there are strange transits and progressions accompanying the announcement of a future wedding of Prince Albert II of Monaco and his long time friend Charlene Wittstock. For example:

Venus has recently changed sign to Aries and is now receiving a conjunction from the planet of surprise: Uranus en close to an inconjunction with Pluto. Sounds like an impulse…

Transit Uranus is also inconjunct the ruler of the 7th house (Jupiter). That sounds like ‘ a relief and positive change, however, but….’ There might be considerations.

Last but not least: Progressed Ascendant is exactly square Neptune and transit Pluto is inconjunct the progressed Descendant. This combination is very mysterious…

There is one happy progression: progressed Venus at Zero Aries is in aspect with Jupiter, but…it is an inconjunction. So there is a party, but it might be a bit overdone?

Albert is one of the most desirable ‘royal bachelors’ . Maybe that is why Juno, the symbol of marriage, is conjunct his Ascendant. It didn’t help him to get married, but he has two children with two former lovers. He has acknowledges that he is the father of these children, but they will not the next Prince or Princess of Monaco.

His Saturn in the 7th house, on the Descendant seems to be the living proof of the astrological idea of restrictions, barriers and AGE related to marriage. Moreover: his Venus is semi square Saturn!
Recently I posted on Astrology&Love about Saturn's role in a post named
A little married and more...Saturn and Pluto in Libra' re: the book about the trend not to marry (but live together). The effect of Saturn in Libra and Saturn in the 7th are often similar (when related to the 7th house or Venus).

Will Charlene Wittstock be the final partner? Let us see how the match is. I wrote about them before:
There is a strong Sun-Neptune connection between them.

Happy and pleasant wedding parties benefit from a Venus-Jupiter aspect by transit or progression. Venus-Jupiter is one of the most pleasant combinations of planets, because it multiplies (Jupiter) fun (Venus) and joy (Venus). Even in bad times, Venus-Jupiter helps because you feel the love and support of many. As you can see on the right, Jupiter is today in the 2nd degree of Aries. People with Venus there, or in any other 2nd degree might enjoy this transit. Venus is now (June 23, 2010) in the 11th degree of Leo.
Click the label ' Venus Jupiter' to see some eamples of the effect of Venus-Jupiter.

*) Link to article on about Sun-Neptune here...and to a post on this blog about the ' romantic' effects: ' Neptune, for killing you softly...

There is a post about Grace Kelly (Princess Gracia of Monaco, mother of Albert II) here, too...


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Astromarkt said...

Wedding has been scheduled for July 8, 2011 (another delay, see Venus semi square Saturn in the 7th house). Transit Jupiter will be square progressed Ascendant and semi square natal Juno (symbol of marriage and on his Ascendant). Progressed Jupiter is trine natal MC. Jupiter happens to be the ruler of the 7th house of marriage. And here is the party: transit Venus/Jupiter semi square progressed Midheaven.

It is as if his astrologer selected the day☺