Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Al and Tipper Gore are separating

On Asrology-love-romance.blogspot.com I wrote about the long lasting relationship between Al and Tipper Gore. They managed to stick together for decades, and now they have agreed to divorce! What transits and progressions accompany this decission? And what does this divorce say about indications in the natal chart?

When I wrote about Tipper, I hadn't 'discovered' Pholus, yet. Pholus (the symbol of the turning point) is in her 7th house. In her natal chart the rulers of 1 and 7 are in conflict and the ruler of the 7th house of marriage is semi square Venus in the 1st house. Those are indications for possible divorce.

Right now, Tipper's progressed Ascendant is opposition transit Neptune (to see her chart, scroll down). I have learned that it is rather difficult to really separate from a partner, when Neptune is involved (ties because of parenthood or other dependencies).

Neptune is also ' active' in Al Gore's chart right now (see later). Neptune is an important factor in the relationship between her chart and Al Gore's, too. I quote from Astrology & Love:
They share a conflict between Sun and Neptune (he has the opposition and she has a semi square). On Astromarkt there is an article about sharing aspects. I write about Sun-Neptune:
"Sun and Neptune shared in aspect gives you shared ideals, dreams and faith or even a shared idol! But with hard aspects you might share the same disillusions as well or this relationship is disillusive. Cooperating could work out best in an asylum or in a non-profit organization where they can help others, and each other.
Another possible combination is between enemies and with Sun in hard aspect with Neptune shared. Ideology stand between you as was the case with the murderer of director Theo van Gogh who shared Sun square Neptune with his victim.
I read that they go to church each Sunday (if possible). Neptune is the symbol of ideology and religion. Perhaps the issue of sharing the same ideals is a hot item for the relationship. Life is not always a dream, but you can at least try to realise yours...perhaps that is the general idea of Sun-Neptune here.

AL GORE has a (wide) sesquisquare between Venus and Neptune and his progressed Venus is now square natal Neptune, with transit Neptune in the equal 7th house. Venus-Neptune is a romantic combination and often romance is sad. In a few cases Venus-Neptune refers to affairs. In a man's natal chart the Venus-Neptune affliction is one of the indications for a divorce. (This one proofs that the orb of a sesquisquare may be up to 2 degrees!)
Also, transit Pluto is now inconjunct his natal Ascendant (stressful situation, including a lost, a price to pay).

All in all they had 3 indications as a couple.

BTW The Gore's have stated that they grew apart and are separating on a friendly basis.

More about Al Gore ;here. Here are the charts with today's transits and progressions:

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PS HER SATURN (RULER 7) CONJUNCT SUN AND RISING BEFORE THE SUN STATES THAT DUTY, RESPONSIBILITY AND 'BEING DECENT' COMES FIRST. This position often explains (part of the reason why) people stay together for long.See also:


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PS Also see the chart of Tipper Gore here: