Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nicolas Anelka and Raymond Domenech

Nicolas Anelka (born in Versailles, March 14 1979) offended his trainer (Raymond Domenech) during the WC2010 and was sent home, but still Domenech is rather calm about the incident, explaining that the WC football players suffer from a lot of stress. Anelka didn't want to apologize...

Jupiter is the planet of tolerance and wisdom. Raymond Domenech's Jupiter is sextile midheaven. Unfortunately, Anelka's Saturn is square the Midheaven of Domenech and inconjunct Domenech's Jupiter. Saturn is the hard liner of the planets, building barriers. The Saturn of Anelka is opposition his Mars and Mars is rising before his Sun. One of the possible effets of the Mars-Saturn opposition has been described on Cafe Astrology:
You can pick at yourself and others unmercifully

And that is what happened now and the target was the position (MC) as a coach (wise man leading the team: Jupiter) of Domenech. Notice that Anelka lost the confrontation...He was sent away. Mars-Saturn conflicts often eventually hurt yourself. And Jupiter is ...well, Jupiter is why Domenech is able to be tolerant. He already won.

How about you?
With an oriental Mars (that is when Mars rises before the Sun*) your orientation is on what Mars means: action, sport, aggression, militarism and drive. Hard aspects with Mars hurt (you or others).So when Mars is important (like when Mars is oriental), your first idea is to DO something (to hit, hurt or start up something). Anelka's prominent Mars is helpful in sports, but might damage or hurt sometimes, too. The oriental Mars is found in the charts of 'tough' women, soldiers and sports men or entrepeneurs and everywhere where the action is.

*) You find the planet rising before the Sun, by moving your finger clockwwise from the position of the Sun. The Ascendant (moving anti-clockwise) will reach Mars just before the Sun comes up (again), when Mars is the planet rising before the Sun.

In 2008,when I didn't know his hour of birth, I wrote about Domenech and his interest in astrology. Here is the link. It seems that he composes his team using sun sign astrology and I remarked that his idea to not have Scorpio's or Leo's in his team (because he is an Aquarian) might not help him win (since the Dutch team that defeated his had 2 Scorpio's). Domenech is an Aquarian and Anelka is a Pisces (uhmmm...) Of course, you know that astrology is about more than just sun signs...


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The complete team refused a training today after a conflict between a member and the fitness coach.