Tuesday, June 15, 2010

JÉROME KERVIEL AND NICK LEESON:Same issue, same birth charts?

Jerome Kerviel is on trial now. Here is the post about his chart and the comparisson with fellow gambler Nick Leeson, written in January 2008: Astropost: JÉROME KERVIEL AND NICK LEESON:Same issue, same birth charts?. Both have important Saturns and Jupiter-Neptune had a key role in the events. Both speculated with millions (of others) and damaged the bank.

If your Saturn is important, for example because Saturn is:
- on Zero Aries or in hard aspect with Zero Aries
- rising before your Sun
- not making major aspects (conjunctions, sextiles, trines, squares or oppositions) within 5 degrees and in sign
- angular (on MC, IC, Ascendant or Descendant)
Then you are probably someone who is ambitious or trying to do what his parents wanted you to. With an important Saturn you choose classical studies and decent jobs, for example, or you choose to do your job as a clerk, with the elderly or with a long way to go to the top. Saturn is the symbol of construction works, business and administrations.

Jupiter-Neptune is the combination of fans, followers and all those with a believing audience. Jupiter-Neptune is also the combination of speculations and beliefs. If the combinations of Jupiter and Neptune is important in your chart (at a certain moment) you tend to have great expectations of the future with the risk of great disappointments, too, helas!:)
More about Jupiter-Neptune? See the labels.

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