Thursday, June 17, 2010

Paul Gascoigne's accident

This post is about Paul Gascoigne's natal positions, transits and progressions during the accident of June 13, about accidents in general and about the daily motion of the Sun (the solar transits). Some days are just more 'risky' than other days are. Transit Sun in hard aspect with Uranus is one of those days. Gascoigne had T Sun square Progressed Uranus on July 13.
On July 13 there was a car accident and Paul Gascoigne was one of the passengers.The driver (a woman) has been accused of driving under the influence of alcohol. Next July 28 'G8' will have to face the judge for a similar accusation. In February he was arrested for drink-driving. (See the news here...)

There is no hour of birth for Gascoigne's chart. The observations ar just observations of the positions for Gascoigne and time twins. They are not the complete astrological picture, because there is no known Ascendant (symbol of the situation) or Midheaven (symbol of the conditions). The Ascendant is very important in cases of accidents.
1. Natal chart
. Sun 105 Uranus
. Afflicted Mercury
. Saturn semi square Pholus
. Mars in a wide opposition with Saturn

2. Progressions and transits
. Progressed Sun square Lillith
. Progressed inconjunction of Neptune and Lillith
. Progressed Sun also conjunct Progressed Mercury (the symbol of communications and transportation)
. Transit Node square Eris
. Transit Jupiter and Uranus trine the 'calling' Jupiter (for the 'international' and for 'travelling')
A Jupiter/Uranus combination adds relief to every situation (in whatever way).
. Progressed Saturn conjunct progressed Eris
. On the day of the accident the transit Sun was exactly inconjunct Progressed Neptune and square progressed Uranus. The combination of Uranus and Neptune often indicates lost of consciousness (fainting).

It takes more than 3 indications at the time to reflect serious incidents and accidents. Almost always the Ascendant, Mars and Uranus are part of the picture. I noticed that Saturn-Pluto-Ascendant midpoint combinations are related to the traffic accidents described in the famous book of C.E.O. Carter. See the label 'accidents' for more info or go to Astromarkt.

Check the Sun's daily motion trough the zodiac and see how the transits of the Sun make aspects with your natal or progressed chart positions. These transits contribute to a general picture of 'what sort of a day it was'. In this case, the square between transit Sun and progressed Uranus pointed at upheaval, incidents and accidents, nerves, being in a hurry and unpleasant surprises or...accidents. On Astromarkt I wrote this about the transit Sun in hard aspect with Uranus:
Sun with Uranus:
Surprises, unexpexted things coming in your way, acting too soon

Transits of the Sun with Uranus happen a few times each year, reflecting 'those kind of days'. They usually don't point at a serious accident, unless there are 3 or more serious indications in the chart and in the transits and progressions. More about the daily motion of the Sun on Astromarkt (link).

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