Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pholus inconjunct Pluto: the pyrrhic victory

Re: the historic extreme long fight between Nicolas Mahut and John Isner yesterday I had a look at the synastry between their natal positions.
Mars sesquisquare Mars
That is a frustrating (sesquisquare) competition

Isner’s Pholus square Nicolas’ Sun
Issuing a turning point in life

Mahut’s Pholus square John’s Neptune and inconjunct John’s Pluto
The game caused exhaustion, on both sides. Mahut lost (Pluto of Isner inconjunct his Pholus) but (inconjunctions carry a ‘ but’ always…) at a certain price (Pluto).
That is how I found a new word for the Pholus vocabulary*) (shooting your own foot, catalyst, turning point) and that is the Pyrrhic victory…a victory that comes at a crippling (sic!...Pholus and the foot...) cost.
The inconjunction contributes to the lack of balance and extraordinary challenge.See the label to find examples of the effect of inconjunctions with Pluto.

See the positions on Isner’s day of birth and the transits are these positions of Mahut in the chart drawing and/or watch the other 37 examples of the effect of Pholus… on this blog (link)

When your Mars is in tight aspect with the Mars in the chart of another person, you might start being attracted to each other (in order to become partners, cooperate or have a friendly competition). In the longer run the competition between you might change and get harder, until you fight each other and you (or both) get hurt. It is rather difficult to avoid competing and anger when there is no compensation coming from Venus...Of course there is competition in sports, always. But when the competers have a Mars-Mars conflict the level of aggression and/or competition rises because of the situation. (Any aspect should be seen in the light of the situation.)


- Pholus + Sun: turning point in honour or lifestyle/health, something starts changing your life. In some cases the persons sex life was in the spotlight
- Pholus+Moon: altering your needs, a turning point in habits
- Pholus + Mercury: turning point in communications, something starts changing your ideas
- Pholus + Venus: turning point in preferences or relations (with women); something or someone changes your preferences
- Pholus + Mars: turning point in a battle (and with the inconjunction: getting hurt!) or sexlife; something starts changing your drives and energy
- Pholus + Jupiter: turning point in conviction; something starts changing your convictions
- Pholus+ Saturn: turning point in a career
- Pholus+Uranus: sudden and unexpected change (perhaps due to an accident)
- Pholus+Neptune: turning point in beliefs and ideals
- Pholus+Pluto: dramatic turning point: the prize (or the price to pay) forcing a turning point (?)
- Pholus + Midheaven: turning point in a (domestic) career; something or someone changes your position in society
- Pholus + Ascendant: coming out (at a certain point)
- Pholus in synastry: the strong influence of someone, changing your life in a direct way.
In this case: Pholus inconjunct Pluto ...the Pyrrhic victory.


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