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Oriana Fallaci (born June 29) and Vesta

This is about the natal chart of Oriana Fallaci, a very controversial – Sun square Uranus - journalist and author (Sagittarius MC and Mercury final dispositor of Midheaven) who died in 2006. See Wiki about her life. The hour of birth was mentioned on Luigi Stocchi’s site here… Scroll down for the drawing of that chart (with transits and progressions for the day that she died). It is said that she was born on a June 29, in 1929. Some sources mention June 24. I think that the chart below might be the correct one. The prominence of Mercury,Jupiter and Pluto is reflecting the famous author. The opposition of Saturn in Sagittarius and Vesta showed that her 'most cherished beliefs ....in opposition to cultural traditions and authorities' (quoting Members.wizzard.net).

Instinctively I added Vesta as an additional object in the chart drawing and see: Vesta is opposition Midheaven (on the IC). Vesta is the symbol of the keeper of the domestic fire and of dedication. This dedication goes together with the symbol of 'background and home' (the IC).

The Romans related Vesta to Capricorn.

Mercury, Jupiter  and Pluto are the combination of a ' treasure of words'. This combination is prominent in the chart of Fallaci.
  • MERCURY ‘ calling’
Fallaci decided not to obey and to say no to oppression for the rest of her life. She also decided not to choose her words very carefully in doing so. Just like General McChrystal (see the post here…) she had a ‘ calling’ Mercury (Mercury without major aspects in sign). A 'calling' Mercury is reflecting the issue of communications, at any possible level...(About missing elements and aspects, see Astromarkt:Conspicous by Absence)
  • JUPITER ‘oriental’ (rising before the Sun)
Jupiter, ruler of the MC, is the oriental planet (that is the first outer planet rising before the Sun). Jupiter’s keyword is ‘ international’. She lived in New York and in Tuscany and interviewed VIPs all over the world form Kissinger to Khomeini and Sean Connery, too. Transportation (the axis of Mercury-Jupiter) was important and so was convincing others (also Mercury-Jupiter).
  • PLUTO ‘calling’
When Pluto calls you can’t resist power, influence and politics.
Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto are prominent. The prominence of these three promises an impressive vocabulary and success in the field of communications (using words, books...talking and writing). As Jupiter rules the MC and Mercury is the final dispositor or Midheaven, the career is related to convincing with words. It is more then ‘reporting’ only. And Saturn in Sagittarius also has a role to play...
In the article about sun signs and planets on Astromarkt (click to see the article http://www.astromarkt.net/Basics.htm) I wrote this about Saturn in Sagittarius:
"Hypocrite? Maybe, but then Michael Jackson, Madonna and Prince are too. You have a great sense for justice, and religion or conviction might play a heavy role in your life."
Translation:): you have a great sence of justice. Religion and/or conviction might play a big part in your life.
And that is in line with the importance of religion for her position and status in the years after 9-11. She was agnostic, but she spoke with the Pope and with Khomeini and she wrote a lot about Islam, as a professional (Saturn is on Midheaven) but with a sort of a dedication that makes it an issue of greater personal importance.

There is an opposition between Saturn and Vesta on the Meridian, perhaps showing a (public or professional) polarity.

When WWII started, the progressed Sun of Fallaci was conjunct Pluto (her ‘calling’ planet) and that is a sign for stress and challenges. It is also a sign of vital change (and being impressed, a period with great impact).

Her chart is pretty clear about it: she used a lot of words in her job and her position and the reputation is strongly related to the Sagittarian field of convictions and opinions.

When Vesta is prominent in your (progressed) chart (f.ex. because of angular or oriental placement, or because Vesta is ‘ calling’ – without major aspects-), the word ‘dedication’ is your keyword. You ‘ go for it’ when you belief in it. Vesta also indicated what not to do in order to ‘ recharge’ and in order to avoid 'getting drained'. In the chart of Oriana Fallaci that is ‘ writing, speaking’ …her job! But the third house is also the house of the lungs (she was a heavy smoker).

When your progressed Sun or Midheaven is in aspect with Vesta, you might get dedicated to a project or commit yourself to something that might drain you, if you are not careful enough.

ALSO BORN June 29, 1929: Pat Crawford Brown (actrice)

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