Monday, June 14, 2010

Daniel Agger's own goal

Daniel Agger’s own goal started the defeat of Denmark in the match Netherlands-Denmark. Here is the chart of the moment of the goal with the natal positions of Daniel Agger (who shares his birthday with me). Observations:

The transit Sun is inconjunct Daniel Agger’s Saturn and that is a bad sign for just one day.
Transit Uranus square natal Neptune refers to a ‘ disaster’
Transit Pluto is semi square his Mars (frustrating use of force, violence or defence)
Transit Jupiter and Uranus are square his Neptune: maybe an opportunity to repair this moment of disappointment
Transit Quaoar is conjunct his Sun: creating a new realitiy in life (it is a period of chances).

Watch the progressed Sun conjunct Jupiter. Maybe better next time? I hope that the next match doesn't finisch at the same hour, because as you see in the chart below, the Ascendant of the final moment is exactly at Mars/Saturn, a deadly moment of lost.


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