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ONE YEAR AGO, on September 15, 2007, I wrote about Grace Kelly.

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Grace Kelly (Princess Gracia of Monaco since her marriage) lived from November 12 1929 (Philadelphia 5:31 a.m.) untill a stroke combined with a car accident killed her on the 15th September of 1982 at age 52. There are several expositions these days in her rememberance.

Jupiter in the eight house of house of life and death; Uranus - planet of the unexpected - in the 6th equal house of illnessees - and most prominent Neptune - planet of the movies, rising before the Sun; these three are not aspected by major aspects and you see how these prominent planets indicate the highlights in her astrological I.D.

Her birth chart shows that she was an actress. See the oriental Neptune, unaspected (calling!). And see the Moon in Pisces in the 5th - also indicating the importance of becoming a mother (for the dynasty in Monaco)-. Pluto is the end dispositor of the royal Leo MC and that points at the prominence of politics, power, sexuality, influence AND her death in her life.

The way and the time of her death is indicated by the birth chart, the progressed chart and the transits. In her natal chart Sun and Pluto are connected to the Ascendant by quindeciles. Sun and Pluto trine.
This is telling us that she had a rather easy 'passing' or 'transformation process' due to unforseen circumstances.

There were the following indications at the time of death:
- Jupiter and Venus inconjunct Uranus (luck combined with an accident);
- Mars semi square the progressed Sun (injury or attack);
- Mars conjunct Saturnus in the progressed chart (death);
- Progressed Mars and Saturnus trine the progressed Neptune (blocked energy);
- Progressed Jupiter in a sextile with Uranus (relief, swift change);
- The progressed MC in a hard aspect with the midpoint of accidents: Mars/Uranus...

The chart of Grace Kelly is below. (source data: Astrolab).

Accidents and astrology

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