Saturday, September 27, 2008


John McCain has transit Uranus exactly conjunct his Saturn, ruler of the 3rd house of communications. Experts in my country say that he lost the debate and Barack Obama won (but they are most of the time in favor of Obama). Generally this aspect changes status quo and John McCain may want to start all over with his strategy of communications.

Obama had transit Mars (ruler of the 3rd equal house) sextile Uranus, dispositor of the ASC, and square Saturn (12 in 12) for an attempt to change the status quo. He also has transit Saturn exactly inconjunct his progressive Moon for unbalanced worries.

When you see those transits, it looks like there is no real winner or loser, because there is no sign of triumph on either side. Both sides claim victory, however.

Again, the Saturn-Uranus combination that is so obviously dominating the chart of Election Day, is present. It is repeated in the charts of the candidates.

More about Saturn-Uranus pattern... and the chart of Election Day.
I found an article on Astro Future trends about the issue of Saturn-Uranus, too.

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