Tuesday, September 16, 2008


On the 11th February 2007, I wrote*) on my site Astromarkt:

A new chief commander in Iraq has been asigned: general Petraeus, son of Dutch immigrants and born in New York on 7th of November 1952. He is a Scorpio with Sun opposition Jupiter, both related to Aries Point (an international leadership). Mars is opposition Uranus in his chart and that seems to make him the right person in a conflict with terrorists and rebellion. Within a year his progressed Sun will trine Jupiter and make him succesful, if his HOB will not prove otherwise

I still haven't got his HOB, BTW.
Today I read that his job in Iraq ended and that he will be in charge of the Central Command (for military operantions in the Middle East, the Gulf region, Africa and Afghanistan). Petraeus did a successful job. He is seen as the man who prevented a civil war in Iraq and as a great military strategist. Even Hillary Clinton praised Petraeus. That was in March. It seems that Petraeus has been as successful as his progressed Sun trine Jupiter promissed him to be in the year of his command in Iraq. This progressed trine confirmed the existing Sun-Jupiter aspect in his natal chart.

*) Just Google 'Astromarkt Petraeus' to get on the right page.

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