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Koo Stark, a NY actrice who once was involved with Prince Andrew, seems to be in financial trouble. I think her chart shows that there have been hope and faith or speculations (Jupiter and Neptune) with increasing challenging and serious life changing problems (Pluto, Uranus and Saturn). And now the spotlight is on her unbalanced status (inconjunction Saturn).

She was born April 26, 1956 and her HOB is unknown. When you look at her progressed chart you see Jupiter conjunct Pluto and both sextile progressed Sun this year, followed by a progressive trine of Sun and Neptune. Not bad, not? There is only 1 'but: she has a progressive inconjnction of Sun and Saturn. Does her prominent Saturn, retrograded to Scorpio, have such an influence? Apparently! (Or maybe sextiles are not as 'harmonious' as their reputation is? but that is for later...)

She has progressed Sun inconjunct progressed Saturn, too and that seems to be the problem. It is a retrograding Saturn. In her natal chart Saturn was in Sagittarius and 'calling' (not making Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees). This prominent Saturn for prominent ambition has regressed now and is highlighted by the progressive Sun. Koo Stark is a photographer now. This 'astrological photo' of Sun inconjunct the calling Saturn shows that status is an important issue and it shows the decay of it in the spotlight of today.

Saturn related to Jupiter and Pluto might indicate the limits of 'the treasure’. Given these transits and progressions it is to be expected that her status and position is unbalanced and could be lost and gone (Saturn, inconjunction) and that there are big money issues (Jupiter and Pluto). Still, even in the mess of bankruptcy we find the help of the hotel manager (Jupiter!) who allows her to stay in his hotel until she solved her problems. That is the Jupiter effect. And there might be financial aid coming up, too. However, in due time transit Saturn will be sesquiquadrate her natal Sun and square her natal Venus. First Pluto, now will take a 'die hard' to overcome all these kind of problems. And then there is also the influence of transit Uranus. That planet will aspecting Sun and Venus later.

Of course there are more people who deal with these transits these days. Unfortunately Saturn and Uranus are aspecting the same degrees at about the same time. But Koo Stark also has Sun inconjunct Saturn in progression. She seems to be stuck between a rock and a hard place these days. Remember that her personal and individual chart with the position of Moon, Ascendant and MC should be taken into consideration as well, but the general idea is that there may have been hope and faith or speculations (Jupiter and Neptune) with increasing challenging and serious life changing problems (Pluto, Uranus and Saturn).
How did that happen?

Koo Stark had breast cancer two times and underwent two mastectomies, in 2002 and 2003. Pluto was transiting her progressed Sun conjunct Venus at the time. In those years she founded 'Keep Abreast', an awareness centre. Maybe that is also when her money problems started (Transit Pluto conjunct Venus). The combination of her natal Sun and Moon in Taurus and Scorpio reflect money issues, as the dispositors of these signs are Venus and Pluto. For an act rice and model the mastectomies most have been even harder to deal with as for most women. Venus and Pluto in aspect (transit or progression) are challenging the value of aesthetics in general and force you to make difficult choices sometimes. In times of Venus-Pluto issues, money flows. That is another side of Venus-Pluto. More about Venus-Pluto...

Koo Stark and Prince Andrew shared the Moon in Scorpio and probably felt comfortable in each other’s presence. Her Saturn square his Sun, his Moon opposition her Mercury, her Neptune square his Venus and the absence of other compatibilities in sign didn't help to maintain the relationship. Andrew later married and divorced Sarah Fergusson. I wrote a post about the relationship and the match with Sarah Fergusson that you find HERE

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