Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Example of 5 times transit Pluto at once

Today I had the sad opportunity to see how transit Pluto changes the life of someone close. She went to see the  cardiologist because she was tired and had a strange feeling on the chest. What happend was that he found an almost completely closed coronary artery.  He placed a stent. This was exactly what she was afraid of. And it was with 5 transits of Pluto:

  • Pluto conjunct her Sun
  • Pluto conjunct her Moon
  • Pluto conjunct her midpoint Sun/Moon
  • Pluto inconjunct het progressed Descendant
  • Pluto opposite Ceres (heart issurs are in  the family)

All 5 transits were within less than 0,5 degree orb...

Those transits were accompanied by:
Transit Chiron (healer/pain) conjunct progressed Sun. 
Transit Saturn inconjunct progressed IC

Very soon transit Saturn will be square MC and inconjunct Progressed IC

All three (Pluto, Chiron and Saturn) are hitting the lights and the angles, the key points in the chart.
It is the reflection of dangerous, changing and hard times. The 8th is involved, too. Pluto is in the progressed 8th house. She is safe in hospital tonight and her family hopes for her safe return home, feeling better. 

Question is now: is transit Pluto reflecting the surgery (and in a way that saved her life...)? Or did the conjunctions mean that she is starting a difficult period in life, with medication and in the 'survival' mode? 

Transit Pluto is always complicated. As an astrologer, you see it coming and all you can do is make a wish that this force is WITH the person and not against. Even if transit Pluto is considered to be helping you get rid of a problem, it is still difficult to deal with. May this force with be you:)!


http://astropost.blogspot.nl/2011/02/transits-of-pluto-with-sun.html or
http://www.astromarkt.net/sun-pluto.html Quote:
With transit Pluto conjunct Sun something in your life might be destroyed. A vital problem will be highlighted and action is needed. Sometimes your life or lifestyle is in danger or health issues demand action. Physical challenges, a problem with an authority or enemies force you to be strong and brave. You will have to learn to live with problems and forces beyond yourself, often related to life and death*) issues. Stress is with you, all along the period of the transit.

http://astropost.blogspot.nl/2011/02/transits-of-pluto-with-moon-mercury.html Quote:
Transit Pluto with the Moon intensifies emotions and habits/needs. Getting back to usual (at home) is difficult and challenging with such an aspect, even if it is a trine (though you might feel stronger than ever).  It often gives stress at home or in the family. Sometimes this is because of a family problem or a memorable event regarding life and death. Michael Moore had this transit after his chemo therapy (and with his son in jail).

This post is about transits of Pluto with Midheaven or Ascendant

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