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Golden Oldies - 3- events

There have been 2 'golden oldies' posts now (see label). One with links to (in my opinion interesting) posts about crime, one about basic astrology. They contain links to posts that I have chosen because of the fact that they are a good old example to be used in the study of astrology, even though they were written in 2007/2008 and even though I learnt since then (I hope)... Here you find some examples of shocking events in the past.

1. When planets don't make narrow aspects in sign, I name them 'calling' planets. They manifest at any possible level, somehow, anyhow. A natal Sun without Ptolemaic aspects within 5 degrees of orb, in sign, is a 'calling' Sun. Somehow this natal Sun will draw attention, take the lead and be the 'star'. He or she will be noticed.

The founder of the FARC in Colombia, Manuel Marulanda, died and I noticed that he had that calling Sun, too. There are a lot of bosses and leaders (of the band) with a calling Sun (see the label for more examples). They are not always terrorist. This one had Mars and Uranus rising before his natal Sun. Read about his chart here:
With Mars-Uranus you may be accelerating , things must go faster than fast. Your short fuse demands change immediately and that is why so many terrorists have a Mars-Uranus aspect or Sun related to midpoint Mars/Uranus as you may see on Astromarkt.

2. In June 2008 the city of Donetsk was shocked by an explosion. The chart of that moment has Uranus elevated, Neptune on Midheaven opposition Mars and Mars biquintile Uranus. Mars-Uranus (see under 1.) is explosive by nature.

More explosions: 
The explosion caused by Breivik in Oslo, had AC/MC midpoint opposition Uranus, while Mars was rising before the Sun ( )
Uranus rises before the Sun in the chart of the explosion in Cali (
Those placements occur every day. They mirror a shocking moment.

3. They shocked the world, but there was no Mars-Uranus explosive matererial in their charts.
Do the charts of two men who caused bank crashes (Kerviel and Leeson) look alike? Find the answer:

Except for a sharp mind and passion the charts of Leeson and Kerviel don't have much in common. If Kerviel was born in the early morning, he and Leeson would share the Moon in Virgo (for a need to offer services). In the charts of both men Saturn is prominent (related to Zero Aries, Aries Point. That is a signal for the importance of hierarchy, management and rules. I think it is interesting that in both charts Mars and Neptune are rising before the Sun. 

The progressed charts: Neptune in a hard aspect with Jupiter, right on the day that the fairy tale ended. Jupiter-Neptune is a combination for speculations that is also found in the charts of religious people and in the charts of idols (like Tom Cruise, who is both idol and religious, see message below). The hard aspect might point at the negative consequences (Neptune) of arrogancy (Jupiter).

(Note: Jupiter and Neptune are related to believing audiences. They couldn't have done what they did, without a number of fans.)

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