Tuesday, March 26, 2013

MADame Ceres with transit Mars and Pluto

You know that Mars is square Pluto and sextile Jupiter today?
These transits of Mars, Pluto and Jupiter hit my midpoint Sun/Moon*). That is giving a whole lot of energy and drive. This aspect combination said: you are motivated (Sun/Moon) by an enormous amount of energy or ... work.

My Sun/Moon is conjunct Ceres (nutrition).  So those transits of Mars and Pluto and Jupiter also hit my Ceres. I happened to be angry about an overload of mistakes by care takers of my mother. Imagine: they gave her a wheel chair that was too high and 4 persons didn't notice that her feet were 4 feet above the floor! That is just one thing...
Maybe I simply had an overdose of caffeine. I had 4 cups and chocolate, too, today. This is what an overdose does on spiders' webs:

This seems to be a good moment to tell you about Sun/Moon = Ceres. You see:
Sun/Moon = Venus is motivated by kindness,
Sun/Moon = Mars is motivated by work or sex,
Sun/Moon = Mercury is motivated by words and plans,
Sun/Moon = Jupiter is motivated by coaches or wise words coming from a doctor or minister, Sun/Moon = Saturn is motivated by parents and ambition,
Sun/Moon = Uranus is motivated by change and turning worlds upside down,
Sun/Moon = Neptune is motivated by dreams and ideals or art,
Sun/Moon = Pluto is motivated by values, power and authorities, but
Sun/Moon = Ceres is motivated by the goddess of motherly care, nutrition and seeds or genes.
Let us say that you have to give me something to eat or drink if you want something done:). It is also true that I noticed that I like taking care of someone. (I should get a pet!)

If I was an athlete, I would be happy today. Mars = energy!
Now I got angry! And I had every right to be angry! I had a very good reason to be angry! You know that song 'I am mad again'? If not, check YouTube:
I felt a bit like that, even though I had no friend who was messing around with anyone I love. It is over now.  I am a MADame again. I even remained polite!
Don't worry!:) Transits get bye..

*)Transit Mars in Aries is square my Sun/Moon. Transit Pluto is conjunct my Sun/Moon. Transit Jupiter is inconjunct my Sun/Moon. The combination of Mars, Jupiter and Pluto often helps to achieve a lot (like the laundry:).

Also visit: Astromarkt.net for example about Ceres.

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