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The sex incident in the chart of John Wayne Bobbitt

John Wayne Bobbitt was born March 23, 1967. We know him because his wife cut off his penis on June 23, 1993, now almost 20 years ago.

There are few men who beat up their wives and get such a violent answer. Most of them get away with it. So there must be some sign of 'punishment' in his natal chart and there is.  It is Mars inconjunct (quincunx) Saturn and Sun.
Saturn rules the 8th house of life, death and sex. Mars is the ancient ruler of the 8th house and rules the male sexual organs. Inconjuncts reflect loss. So Mars inconjunct Saturn ruler 8 is a perfect way to describe discipline (Mars-Saturn) or being disciplined  and losing (inconjunct) a sex organ (Mars).***)
This is of course not the only indication for getting hurt, related to the other gender. Let's see how his chart looks like.

  • No placements in air signs, except for the Ascendant. Means that you can't always reason with him. On Astromarkt you find this:

No air:Social contacts are an issue. Sometimes unreasonable, sometimes very bright...

  • Saturn rises before the Sun and is conjunct Sun. Both are inconjunct Mars. Means that the issue of death, discipline and punishment is a theme in his life, however: with a lack of balance (his way to punish his wives, and the punishment that he got).  Sun-Saturn is the aspect of the will to be in control (like managers and dictators are). With Saturn rising before the Sun he faces restrictions related to discipline, being disciplined and matters of life and death.

  • Mars is novile Uranus. This minor aspect shows that he rejoices at fast sudden actions (like accelerated speed and sudden explosive anger). As Uranus holds a key position (square Ascendant) this is an important aspect in the chart of THIS man, born at that time and place.
  • Pholus and the Moon are angular. Moon and Pholus are symbols of change. 
- Pholus (IMO) is also a phallus symbol.*). With Pholus conjunct Midheaven the social position of a person is likely to reach a turning point at some time in life. Think of Susan Boyle.
- The Moon is a female symbol and the symbol of education (in the first years), taking care and those who take care of you, needs and habits or customs. 

  • Mars is novile Uranus + Moon biquintile Saturn and square Neptune + Venus is quatronovile Neptune: those are all 4 of the aspect combinations mentioned in 'Divorce in the chart' as a 'signal' for divorce in the charts of men, except that only one of the four aspects is considered to be an affliction. 

- Minor aspects are 'hidden' aspects of a character or person. They don't show up at first sight. The novile is 1/3 of a trine. The quatronovile is 4x a novile. This minor aspect Venus qn Neptune says that he is a romantic guy. You wouldn't believe it, perhaps, but he kept sending Valentine cards to his ex. The biquintile is 2x quintile (Moon-Saturn biquintile = creative way to control emotions).

Midheaven and Ascendant are related to the exact time and place of birth. No other person (usually) has the same combination of Ascendant and MC degree with the Moon and Sun/moon.

  • Midheaven makes a few intersting aspects, like Neptune square Midheaven (and Lilith semi square) Midheaven. Together with the conjunctions of Pholus and the inconjunct with Jupiter, they contribute to the picture that we get from his status, career and position. (See the link to Wikipedia). Jupiter trine Neptune for example describes the movies (having an audience and fans) and being a minister and (adult) movie star.
  • The Ascendant is almost exactly square Uranus. That makes Uranus important in this chart. That is why the progression and transit with/by Uranus had such an impact.

Here is the chart of John Wayne Bobbitt with transits and progressions of the day of the incident:

SHRIEK! It's Uranus
Transits and progressions show us loss, shrieks and a world turned upside down.
- Progressed MC opposition natal Uranus
- Transit Uranus inconjunct (!) Ascendant
- Transit Neptune inconjunct (!) Ascendant
The Uranus-Neptune combination often turns up in times of a 'hype' **) and he sure was one.  Uranus is the symbol of news, excitement, surprise, accident and incident. Again there is the inconjunct for the loss.

*) On Pholus and the phallus symbol:

**) On 'hypes': Obama in hype time:

About Sun-Saturn aspects:

Also visit: for example about Pholus

Of course, it isn't so that every person with Mars inconjunct Saturn ruler 8 will have the same experience. A chart is a description in symbols. Those symbols represent such a variety of words that in this case, for example, he could have died, too. But he didn't. He survived, was 'repaired'.

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