Monday, December 14, 2009

Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Aquarius -2-

In addition to my post about Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Aquarius: it is about believing in techniques, humanity and change, too. The conjunction was exact during the Climate Conference of Copenhagen, where they discuss measures to halt global warming. It they can they do that, they might also be able to change the tides, stop Ice Age if it comes and make it rain only at night (like in Ira Levin's book). If they CAN (and are willing to try it) it would increase the belief in technical progress and advancement solving all problems, shaping a new world like in Star Wars. And that is a great (jupiter-neptunic) aspiration (Aquarius), isn it. Here is the link to the earlier article about Jupiter and Neptune, with information about midpoint-and aspect combinations with Jupiter/Neptune and a quote from that post.

This year there will be two conjunctions (in May and in December) and that strongly influences 2009. The idealistic combination of planets in the sign of change, revival and hope might produce new hope, new ideals and a revival of religious devotion and spirituality. New heroes and idols might show up. (Perhaps one of them is Jupiter, the planet who saved earth:)

PS Jupiter and Neptune together seem to reflect moments of hope (found remedies and vaccins, for example). There was the announcement of a vaccinn in January 2006 (against avian flu) with Jupiter square Neptune. A vaccin against Mexican Flu has been announced around June 11 (Jupiter was conjunct Neptune end of May).


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