Thursday, December 3, 2009

Chart of Mackenzie (and John) Philips

Just saw Mackenzie Philips (daugther of John Philips - Mamas and Papas) being interviewed by Oprah Winfrey because of the release of her book (High on Arrival) about the incest with her father.*) Yes, Oprah's shows come late in my country...:)
I noticed that several astrologers have been discussing the matter. I see that some use her chart to call her a fraud. (With transit Neptune semi square progressed Sun you are often seen in a negative light and Mackenzie has that transit right now...)

One of the arguments for calling her a fraud is, that there is no aspect between Mars and Pluto. Indeed, no major aspect! But: in fact there IS an aspect...In hers and in his: a minor hard aspect!

John has Pluto rising before the Sun. Mackenzie has Mars rising before the Sun. She has a minor aspect between Mars and Pluto (67.5 d, a sesquisemisquare) and so has he: a 112.5 degree aspect (square + half semi square)!
They share a minor Mars-Pluto aspect.
And each of them has one of the planets involved rising before the Sun!

The Mars-Pluto connection is often illustrating the use and abuse of power and force, and having to defend oneself. On Astromarkt I write about sharing such aspects:
Mars-Pluto: could be destructive as it is about using power and force.

Minor aspects often give insight in the person behind the person that we see (or the chart behind the chart, see the links, scroll down). Minor aspects between Mars and Pluto show concealed problems with aggression.

Here you see her natal chart (data by Astrodatabank) and the positions on August 30, 1935, the day that Papa John was born. Pluto is of importance in the synastry. It must have been a tense relationship, indeed.

Pluto is the symbol of all that is related to 8th house affairs like sexuality, for example.
- His Pluto is on her Ascendant
- Her Pluto is conjunct his Sun
(John's Mars and Jupiter are conjunct her Sun).
The strong aspects with Pluto are indicating a tense relationship and possible questions of authority and power.

On Cafe Astrology you can find that Sun quintile Pluto might mean: 'You have a creative drive that gives you the ability to express yourself with a little extra zip and impact than most people. " Astrology Weekly speaks of 'developing self-punishing styles of behaviour'. I think that both interpretations met in the interview that I watched!:)

Mackenzie Philips has the Sun quintile Pluto and both are biquintile Midheaven.
So, Mackenzie has a 'golden yod' between Sun, Pluto and Midheaven. Perhaps that is illustrating the possibility to be a 'survivor' and create a carreer based on that or that you have the ability and talent to find a way to survive or come back. But as Pluto is involved, it implies that it won't be easy...

Mackenzie is a singer and a writer. She has Venus in Libra and Cancer Ascendant, with the Moon opposition Venus and biquintile Neptune (Venus is semi quintile Neptune). That is the complete pattern of artistic talent and the connection is with creative quintiles! Also, with ruler Midheaven (Jupiter) in the 5th house, she is bound to look for expression and creativity in her career.

Mercury semi square Sun/Moon expresses being motivated by communicating and using the voice or pen.
Pluto square AC/MC tells us that the issue of life and death, power, money, sexuality and influence is of crucial importance in her life. Pluto is connecting Midheaven and Sun by quintiles. And there is the creative touch again!

When he died (in 2001) her progressed Sun changed sign and her lifestyle started changing. The first progressive aspect was a square with natal Moon on Aries Point: she had to find a whole new 'modus vivendi'.
When the affair started (in 1988) it was her father's progressed Sun that changed sign...

On the day of the interview with Oprah, transit Jupiter was exactly square her natal Sun, to indicate a successful day. Jupiter rules her sixth house and is in the fifth. Jupiter is the final dispositor of Midheaven, too. It is obvious that the attention for her creative product was fortunate. Also the Progressed Ascendant was conjunct natal Pluto, ruler of the 5th house of creations. Jupiter and Pluto often indicate a great moment of growth. In the progressed (secondary) chart, the positions of Sun and Neptune would create a sextile in 6 weeks time (perhaps it was about time to relax now that the work was done).

1. More about Mars-Pluto on Astromarkt...

2. About Golden Yods:
There was an exact Golden Yod on the day that Tibet tried to break free (Sun-Saturn-Uranus connection). When prodigy Ainan Cawley was born, there was a golden Yod between Sun, Jupiter and Uranus ('creatively ahead of your time'). (See about Tibet and Cawley)

3. The pattern of professional artistic talent (minor and major aspects between Moon, Venus, Neptune and Midheaven) has been found in many charts of artist on Art&Astrology...

4. Use the link and the second post that will appear is about a hidden problem with aggression (about a serial killer with semiquintiles and quintiles between Mars, Sun and Pluto. The other posts contain more examples of the effect of minor aspects.

4.a. Another example of 'the chart behind the chart' (the effect of minor aspects) is the chart of O.J. Simpson.

*) Without her permission (and under the influence of drugs) her father had sex with her on her 19th and they continued to have 'consensuous' sex for 10 years.



Marina Caruso said...

Great Blog. I'm glad you pointed out Johns Pluto on Mackenzies AC and all the other Pluto connections.
How can someone say someone hasnt been abused if they haven't got such and such an aspect? But it turns out if you look deeper it's there in the synastry anyway.
The whole relationship with her father is written all over her chart. I'm glad someone bothered to look into the synastry with her father too.
We seem to share the same interest in Celebs. We've done a few of the same people:)

Astromarkt said...

Thanks Marina, I followed the link and the result is that I recommend your post about the case. Very interestering! I see that you mention a Mars quintile Pluto between their charts. That is another indication of the value of the Mars-Pluto connection between the two!