Friday, December 18, 2009

Jupiter-Uranus in the chart of Futurologist Kurzweil

Jupiter-Uranus (and Sagittarius-Aquarius) symbolizes the theme of ‘ the other perspective’ or ‘ the other way to see things’ and that is why Jupiter-Uranus is prominent in the charts of astronauts, modern church leaders and astrologers. They share a sort of a helicopter view over people and earth. Astronauts have seen the earth from above. Religious leaders see people and earth from a higher perspective (through the eyes of their gods) and astrologers look at earth and people related to patterns in the sky above (as above, as below). In a way astronauts, popes and astrologers share ‘ not having both feet on the ground’ , being earth-loose instead of earthbound. For looking into future developments it takes to be able to mind travel outside today’s reality. So I am not surprised that on the day of birth of futurologist Raymond Kurzweil Jupiter-Uranus was very important, too.

Why is Jupiter-Uranus important in his chart? It is because Jupiter rises before the Sun, strong in Sagittarius and is opposition Uranus in Gemini, with the Sun in Aquarius as a bridge (trine Uranus, sextile Jupiter). Look at the chart drawing and you will notice that the opposition of Jupiter and Uranus is apart from the rest of the planets and lights. The opposition draws your attention, immediately.

Look at Wikipedia for more information about Kurzweil and you will understand why there is a golden yod between Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune, shaped by quintiles and biquintiles. It is for being creative in telling great stories. I recently read that he predicted that humans will carry a computerized brain in the near future, in 2035. Then we will be cyborgs. Meantime there are chips that help people to see, hear and move, already.

Technological advancement is another way to express the combination of Jupiter (progress, conviction) and Uranus (technology). The optimism that goes together with this combiation stimulates life in general. Often, very old people have a (midpoint or aspect) combination of Sun, Jupiter and Uranus in their chart. Belief in the idea that humanity can change climate conditations or turn back an ill situation is expressed by the present conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius, see the post about that…

Jupiter-Uranus and the charts of astrologers

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Jupiter-Uranus in transit often indicates a sudden relief, a fault on the right side, a guardian angle in times of trouble or some ' accidental' thing that makes hard times acceptable. More example stories on this blog:

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