Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Chart of John de Mol ('Big Brother') and Quaoar

Pluto is the symbol of money, power and influence. Transit Pluto is now trine the natal Sun of John de Mol, one of the persons on the list of the 50 most influential persons in the world, according to the Financial Times. He is the man behind ‘ Big Brother’. His chart and the family situation/conditions were a perfect mix. This post is about that mix and about Quaoar, the new dwarf planet making an exact square with his Ascendant.

Quaoar is the symbol of a creative person, able to shape new worlds and...he dances and sings. Isn't that a perfect prominent position for Quaoar in the chart of the man behind the entertainment factory? Transit Quaoar is now in the 21st of Sagittarius and trine his progressed Ascendant. Maybe it is not surprising that Quaoar drew my attention, since that is conjunct vital positions in my natal chart and prorgressed Descendant.

It is nice to have the chart of an inventive manager, but when you are born in the middle of nowhere you won't become mr. Big Brother. John de Mol's father ran a radio station after he stopped singing. His sister works in the media, too, and is the most successful woman on television. It is all in the family, but it takes skills and the will to succeed to make a success of a given situation. John de Mol succeeded indeed!

His natal chart shows a potential for (artistic and creative) talents, being inventive and working hard with an extra creative talent to make money. Mars 'calling' is 'work calling'. He is a promotor at any possible level and may be a workaholic.

Here you see the chart with 1) a ‘ calling’ Mars (self made, workaholic), 2) an oriental Saturn (business and career first), 3) Venus in aspect with Sun/Moon (motivated by pleasure and entertainment) and on Aries Point (known for this) and 4) a Midheaven in Pisces (field of the media) with Venus<>MR Neptune disposing of the MC (talented), 5) the MC sesquisquare Jupiter and Uranus (inventive, helicopter view). 6) Watch the 160 degree aspect between the most prominent planets of this chart (Mars and Saturn) for rejoicing working hard!

Transit Pluto is nowmirroring a period of being considered an authority.

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