Sunday, December 13, 2009

Transit Jupiter and nothing happened

If transits work, why don’t they work always? The poll that I did on even shows, that transits DON’T do their work more often than they do!

Ten out of 16 respondents answered that they have at least one time noticed no effect at all of transit Jupiter. Six persons said they always noticed an effect. Almost 1/3 replied ‘ often or regulary’ in the poll with the question: ‘ Transit Jupiter and nothing happened?’ I started the poll after writing about being skipped by Jupiter

What do the results mean?
Of course, this poll is not a scientific enquiry! The results might just mean that those people who haven’t noticed an effect answered more often than those who always notice an effect. Sixteen answers is not a crowd and the results might change when more people answer. It is just a poll on just a blog. Perhaps even, the visitors of my blog might be different from those of other blogs, who knows.

So I wouldn’t consider the results as a negative outcome for Jupiter or transits or even for astrology in general. (Of course not, after decades of study and thousands of posts and articles showing the relationship between lives and charts!) It just makes me think about prognoses. And I wonder about the question why… in order to see it (not) coming next time. I guess that there must be an explanation.
If you have an explanation for the transits without an effect, please let me know.

A transit came bye and nothing SMART happened. It happens all the time. And it makes me wonder about prognoses. If this was testing my conviction about astrology, there is an effect. It has not been shaken at all. Hey, Jupiter happens to be the symbol of convictions, too….



Aqua said...

Carol Rushman talks about the promise in a natal chart in connection to predictions.

Astromarkt said...

And what does she say about transit Jupiter passing bye just like that?

Astromarkt said...

The link to Skipped by Jupiter is:

Anonymous said...

My ascendant is Gemini. My Jupiter is in 1st house. How will the return journey of Jupiter in 2013. Will it do any professional elavation?

Astromarkt said...

Hi Anonnymous, the article is abt the often failing effect of transit Jupiter. Any great advancemrnts requires at least 3 indications in one direction. Jupiter's return often makes you feel content or stimulates hope and confidence. That helps, sometimes:)!