Saturday, December 5, 2009

K1 World Champion Sem Schilt: Scorpio and Jupiter

Sem Schilt won the K1 grand prix and 400.000 dollar...Just like one year ago, he is the big champion today. He has Sun and Moon in Scorpio (the sign of the brave defenders) and the Sun exactly square Jupiter. That is a combination for successes and he has them in K1. He also has 50% of the positions in fixed signs (the signs of 'holding on' and strong will). And the Scorpio Sun trine Saturn is a combination that suites a 'die hard', someone who will gain (Scorpio) respect (Saturn). This year he won with transit Jupiter quintile progressed Sun.
Last year he won with transit Mars inconjunct progressed Sun and progressed Jupiter and progressed Jupiter sextile Sun. The combination of Mars, Sun and Jupiter refers to a successful fight, but the inconjunctions might mirror an injury (Sorry I cann't verify this).
In 2005 I also studied his chart, when he won on November 19 with with transit Jupiter conjunct natal Sun. A perfect combination for 'making it'! Especially when transits and progressions repeat the message.

(Eh..However, sometimes transit Jupiter just doesn't have an effect (see the survey on the left and read my post about being skipped). Maybe I should have done a K1 fight with Jupiter conjunct Sun to see if I could win it. Next time perhaps:)


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