Thursday, December 10, 2009

Patricia Paay: Venus trine Pluto

Patricia Paay is 60 years old and she is in the middle of attention and controversy since her husband (DJ Adam Curry) left her with transit Saturn square natal Sun. She didn't exactly sit back and cry...She became a hype after she was asked for a photo session, by Playboy. People either judge and condemn her for this or they applaud her.

Her hour of birth is not known, unfortunately, but we know the day :April 7, 1949, Rotterdam. On that day Jupiter was tightly inconjunct Saturn, a statement for late (and somewhat disproportional) success.

On April 7, 1949 Venus exactly trine Pluto, reflecting the power of beauty and style and…the ease of earning money. She got 150.000 euro for the pics, they say! Patricia has Venus conjunct Mars, rising before the Sun for guts and passion. With Pluto it is being rewarded. The opposition of Mercury and Venus with Neptune refers to artistic talents and ‘ poses’ related to communications. Good day for a centerfold to be born...

More about Venus and Pluto aspects (named ' The beauty and the beast' ) on…
To get an idea about Patricia Paay’s looks….see Google Images


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