Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Charts of earthquakes (like in Christchurch yesterday)

Disaster after disaster in Australia and New Zealand... Yesterday a terrible earthquake shook the earth of Christchurch NZ.

There are a number of posts about earth quakes on Astropost. Uranus was often 'part of the picture'and that is not miraculous, because Uranus is the symbol of everyting that is 'shocking'. Yesterday's earthquake in Christchurch has the midpoint of Ascendnat and Midheaven opposition Uranus (Ascendant 39.1 + MC 318.5 = 357.7/2=178.35 + 180 = 358.35 = 28-29 Pisces = position of Uranus). Uranus is just one of the components. It takes more for such an event. Every day there is a moment that AC/MC = Uranus...Yesterday, Mercury, Mars and Neptune were semi sextile Uranus. Mars/Saturn was semi square Pholus (destructive turning point. And Sun/Moon was inconjunct Varuna with Moon inconjunct Ascendant, perhaps illustrating what happened with the gletscher when parts of the ice fell into the water. Inconjunctions cause lack of balance (just like semi sextiles do). The Sun sesquisquare Saturn symbolizes a frustrating day in general.  It is the combination that counts.

This is the chart of the moment:

Here are the links to other charts of earth quakes. Also check the label 'earth quake'.


There are (minor and major) earth- and seaquakes every day and there is a potential for disaster almost every day. There may be more indications in the chart, making this chart a special moment in time with special potential for disaster. I think that charts of disasters also show us the importance of seeing the chart related to the situation and circumstances. And that is not different from how to read natal charts at all...

Quote of one of these post:
What I learned (...) is that there is a potential in each chart. But some of the potential is prominent and ‘shows off’. Other potentials might have grown in the right situation but could remain unused. Everybody can be a potential killer. But in certain conditions (a nice environment, nobody around whom you would like to kill, good genes), you may never use that potential. Even if a person is very aggressive there is a way out (working hard, sports, the army, therapy, hunting…). Suppose that you are a potential singer, but you do not have good looks…If you don’t happen to be the cousin of a manager in the music business and you don’t have the money for plastic surgery, you will have to keep singing in the bath room. But, in the right conditions and provided that you can playback, you might make it. I have written a little book about the way to find the natural potential (Astro I.D.) by looking at the most prominent lights and planets.

PS The idea that you can become anything you want is not correct, of course. It would take a lot of tablets or pills to make a
craw sing. But within the potential that you have, you have various possibilities. And that idea might be the power of positive thinking!

PS But only if you are in the right circumstances, of course:)

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