Saturday, February 12, 2011

Synastry of Obama and Mubarak

Transit Neptune is now within 1 degree orb square natal MC of Obama. With the transit of Jupiter, he had better polls. Will President Obama again have a bad press, when transit Neptune comes back? The last two days the Obama administration seems to have been very confused about Egypt and at least unclear until yesterday, when the people of Egypt's cities managed to drive President Mubarak out of his palace. The Neptune of Mubarak happens to be square the Midheaven, conjunct the Uranus and inconjunct the Saturn of Barack Obama. Those aren't easy aspects between two presidents, who also have Sun square Sun and Mars opposition Mars. The latter aspect often causes competition and fights.

Synastry of Obama and Mubarak (transit positions)

Next post: more about transits of the confusing Neptune and more examples of the effect.

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