Monday, February 28, 2011

Transits (the summary)

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Sometimes astrology works fast. For example, now that Ashley Cole (FC Chelsea) is in the news. He seems to have (accidentily) shot a boy, while he shouldn't have been armed anyway. Ashley is born on December 20. That is with the Sun in the final degrees of the astrological sign Sagittarius. Uranus is now - end of February 2011 - in the 30st degree of Pisces. That makes Transit Uranus square Sun. And that means controversy, upheavel and ...making news. Just one of the amazing transits of Uranus:

Transit Uranus was one of the transits in the month  of the transits on Astromarkt. If you want to know more, use the label Transits (or just click here). But in short:

Transit Sun = a day for...spotlight on...(tension, with Uranus) (also explaining transits)

Transit Mercury = talking about...(your nex trip?, with Jupiter)
Transits of Mercury are like quicksilver, so I forgot about them soon after they crossed my mind.
That is why I link to CafeAstrology's 'Mercury Transits'.

Transit Venus = enjoying ...(results, with MC)
Transit Venus is for all pleasures, from fun to comfort.

Transit Mars = competing, hitting...(your enemy, with Pluto or something you didn't expect to see, with Uranus)

Transit Jupiter = help you, for example to quit smoking and grow fat...

Transits of Saturn confront you with realities...
like when a child is born...

Transit Uranus = excited by or nervous because of ...(spotlights, with Sun)

Transit Neptune = confused about...(your position, with MC)

Transit Pluto = intensifies...(desires, with Venus)
There are a few posts about the transits of Pluto, but they are all intense...

Transit Nesses seems to have a boomerang effect (well, sometimes...)

Transit AC = a passing situation (of fun, with Venus and Jupiter)
Transit MC = a passing condition (of pain, with Mars and Saturn)

Transits always pass bye,but some come back a few times before they go. Whatever you think of them, please keep the Rule of 3 in mind!
One example of the combination of 3 transits is here:

Also visit: for example about Progressions and the Progressed chart.

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