Tuesday, February 22, 2011


This month is transit month on Astropost. This post is about transits of Pluto with Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars. They tend to stress feelings, ideas, sympathies and drives. Transits of Pluto must always be regarded with the natal chart, the other transits and progressions and the general situation or condition in mind. Having said that, here are some ideas.
Transit Pluto with the Moon intensifies emotions and habits/needs. Getting back to usual (at home) is difficult and challenging with such an aspect, even if it is a trine (though you might feel stronger than ever).  It often gives stress at home or in the family. Sometimes this is because of a family problem or a memorable event regarding life and death. Michael Moore had this transit after his chemo therapy (and with his son in jail).
Transit Pluto with Mercury transforms opinions and ideas. You might test your ideas about (for example) your political party during this period. The result might be that you decide to leave the party. The result might also be that the evalution of ideas intensifies your opinions (and the way that you communicate about them). You might also be studying hard in this period. I had this transit when I seriously studied astrology for the first time.
Transits of Pluto with Venus are reflecting the difficult choice to make and sometimes money issues. What is really worth the price to pay? Did I really choose the right partner? Even if you think that you made all the right choices, transit Pluto with Venus gives stress because of the intensity of your desires and feelings. Sometimes it is your body (skin, hormones) and sometimes it is your relationship challenging you to evaluate your choices and ideas of what is nice, beautiful or luxury. This transit doesn’t stand in the way to marriage. Often the relationship is getting deeper and deeper during the (longlasting) transit). But sometimes there is competition or jealousy. To have and to hold might be a problem in many ways! However, sometimes this transit doesn’t seem to have much impact at all. The price you pay for luxury might just be the jealousy of others!
Transit Pluto with Venus AND Mars in the chart of the Swedish king a few months ago…showed challenges regarding passions…among other hard transits, like the transit of Saturn...
Transit Pluto  with Mars is testing your drives and muscles, sometimes just in competion (sport or politics), but there is also a danger of violence and having to defend yourself (or feeling that you have to defend yourself). Women might test their husbands during this aspect (is this man worth it?). This transit transforms activities or products and is very demanding. You pay the price with energy. In specific (dangerous) situation this transit warns you to be alert and avoid ‘dangerous men’ and anger. Like in the case of Joran van der Sloot:
  • The murder of Stephanie Flores was with transit Pluto trine progressed and quindecile natal Mars.
  • The disappearance of Nathalie Holloway was with transit Mars sesquisquare Pluto.
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PS The Moon is larger than dwarf planet Pluto. Size doesn't really matter in astrology. Jupiter is large and that is why the meaning of Jupiter is ' big' and 'great' and 'growth'. Jupiter is not considered to have more 'resonation' than Saturn has. The Moon is the closest object. That is why the Moon is regarded to show us more about 'close' things, like home, family, eating habits and emotions.

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