Sunday, February 6, 2011

Transits of Jupiter

In theory, when Jupiter is in aspect with your natal Sun, your confidence will grow and you will feel better or even ' get better'. Some persons have promotions or they a raise, otheres find a good doctor...Jupiter is the symbol of the high-pressure area. 

Transits of Jupiter move you to better places when Jupiter moves over the meridian. Jupiter also symbolizes horse power (cars). I had such a transit when my new car was delivered and I saw this transit in the chart of someone when he bought a new car. Jupiter increases status and improves positions and conditions. In the chart of Obama, transit Jupiter indicated better polls. So, everybody likes to invite Jupiter for a visit....But: be honest, or ...something goes wrong (see the doping cases - labels - or see the post about the inconjunction of Jupiter and the effect with Lance Armstrong). And the fortune is like all transits. It might just last for a week or so. Transits pass bye....And remember the rule of 3 (it takes more to be big, even if it is Jupiter).

In many cultures and in history being fat and round was a good sign of prosperity. Today we know that obese is problem (see the post about obese and astrology). When Transit Jupiter is on your Ascendant it is so easy to gain weight! Maybe it is even for a good reason (being pregnant, quit smoking), but you might just not like it much. Exaggeration is Jupiter's big (sic...) mistake. With transit Jupiter through the second house or inconjunct Midheaven, Ascendant or Sun, you risk to overdo things and spend to much. TOO has got 2 big O's! See the post about transit Jupiter and growing...The reason that Jupiter is the symbol of big, great and round is because Jupiter is the biggest planet. (BTW: I never noticed that Jupiter also gives big red spots like the one below:).

Well, that was the theory. Why doesn't it ALWAYS work that way? Here are some links about that question. 

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(that is like when Santa Claus doesn't leave a present...)

and here is another post about prosperity, Jupiter and crashes...

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