Thursday, February 3, 2011

Transits of Mars

You know Mars: he is full of energy and drive. Sometimes, when Mars is on your Midheaven, you quit, are fired or injured. Mars hits, cuts and is a fire starter. Mars is (too) fast and sharp. Transits of Mars help you to feel the pain and see the dentist (I tried to find a date without Mars hitting an angle , but I failed:). Mars brings hyperthermia (a fever), infections and sometimes accidents. When I had a car accident it was with transit Mars exactly on my Asendant. The good thing about Mars is that you DO something. The bad thing is that sometimes you do the wrong thing. 

Remember: it takes 3 to tango and one single transit of Mars might just reflect irritation, anger or a special effort. You can see where transit Mars is on the right>>>>

Transit Mars is important in the charts of Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti, when he died.
With transit Mars sextile natal Mars (and more!) the Polish President died in an air crash:
Mars was on her Ascendant when Camilla broke a leg....
Transit Mars was conjunct Uranus (and more!) when Richard Hammond (Top Gear) had a serious car accident:

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