Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Transits of Venus

Did this happen to you, too? Transit Venus was on your Midheven and exactly on that day something nice happened. I, for example, read that the view over the river would be permanent, because they would not build the house that would block the view, anymore. Hurray! The second time the garden was done and it was so cute! The third time I heard that I HAD that new job. So, in view of the fourth time, expectations were high and nothing happened. Don't ask me why not!@#!! Let us just remember that in about 75% of the transits of Venus with Midheaven, something enjoyable happens.

With Venus on the horizon (Ascendant-Descendant) something will chear you up or make you look better than ever. Because of that, everybody is nice! Venus is on the Ascendant when babies are born, weddings are being celebrated and partners are being introduced for the first time. For some reason, Venus is also there when people die (and rest in peace), as a sort of a mercy. In every such case: you will be treated gently. And the negative side of Venus is decadence (flattery and being lazy). 

When Venus visits you, it is like if a nice and beautiful lady comes bye with presents and candy to make life look sweeter. If Jupiter joins her, you might expect even more (a party, for example). When times are hard, Venus is the smile, the comfort, the postcard and the compliment that helps you deal with life a little longer. 

Transit Venus was on the progressed Descendant of Larry King on the day of his final show, adding some pleasure to the moment. Transit of Venus are like the sugar in the cup of is a small thing, but it makes it taste better. 

When transit Venus is conjunct your natal Venus you are experiencing a 'Venus return'. The chart of that specific moment might tell you something about your desires and wishes in the coming period. I had my Venus return yesterday.

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Astromarkt said...

There, it happened again: transit Venus was conjunct my progressed Midheaven today and I got a pleasant message from a legal advisor that I had been waiting for for about 2 weeks.

Sense of it All said...

Venus heading for a conjunction with my Midheaven on 4th November. Exciting...I'm awaiting good things to happen but already the effects are being felt - you made my day a little sweeter by your blog. What a lovely writer you are - you fill me with a renewed sense of spirit. Thank you.