Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lance Armstrong, doping and T Jupiter inconjunct Sun

With transit Jupiter inconjunct progressed Sun, Lance Armstrong has again been accused of using/promoting doping. Again I see the Sun-Jupiter connection in doping cases. There are other transits at the moment (Transit Saturn conjunct natal Venus for limiting joy, transit Uranus trine Jupiter for a relief, transit Uranus trine Neptune, transit Node semi square progressed Mars etc. etc.) and of course there is more in life than a repeated accusation coming from someone who has been found guilty of using doping, but the fact is that Sun-Jupiter transits and progressions keep popping up when doping is involved (or when someone is being found ‘ positive’). 

The negative effect of the positive Jupiter has been described in an earlier post about Floyd Landis that you find here (see the links). The effect of the inconjunction has been described here.. You can read the inconjunction with Jupiter as: ' success and support, but...' and than start looking for what is getting lost or what it is that you have to let go. Here is the chart with the transit...

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