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Princess Anne, reading her chart on her 60th birthday

Princess Anne will celebrate her 60th birthday on August 15, a mile stone. For this occasion I had a look at her birth chart and the synastry with her former and present husband (for this, see Astrology & Love) as well as the synastry with Princess Diana. When I had a look at her chart and the synastry with Princess Diana (they weren’t friends, according to the press) I noticed that both ladies have Sun semi square Uranus in their natal charts and that the Uranus of Anne is conjunct the Sun of Diana and vice versa.. It is the recipe for mutual enstrangement, for being ‘alien’ in the eyes of each others.
Sun and Uranus shared in aspect might indicate joined rebellion. How long this will last in a proper family home in a suburb, especially when the aspect is hard?
Both divorced, but while Ann was discrete and silent, Diana communicated in all sort of ways about her failing marriage. They were completely different in many ways.

One of the things that caught my eye in the synastries with her husbands was the fact that both have an aspect between Venus and Pluto.  Mark Philips' Venus conjunct Pluto made me think of the Venus inconjunct Pluto of Princess Anne’s second husband. Venus and Pluto are important in the chart of the Princess (the elevated and the orientational planet). Venus-Pluto is the combination of (marriage for) money or politics/strategy, jealousy and the ‘beauty and the beast’ (see Astromarkt)… 

But back to the chart of Princess Anne… The complete picture is that of a strong willed independent and somewhat extraordinary lady with a need to serve as a profession, sense of style and a creative way to express her energy and drive. She is above all a lady, but she once said that she would have preferred to be born as a man. Perhaps it is that Sun quintile Mars that made the Daily Mail name her: the best king (…) we ever had… 

For more details and for the chart with transits and progressions of her second wedding day, continue… 

Reading her chart following the four steps:

1.    Astro ID
2.    Quick scan (elements and characteristics)
3.    Specifications (Midheaven routing, aspects to MC)
4.    Special combinations (midpoints,yods)

we get:

1.    Elevated and ‘ calling’ Venus for diplomacy, style and charm above all.
Orientational Pluto (rising before the Sun) for the importance of politics, strategy, money and influence (and knowing the right persons).
Pholus square Ascendant for the turning point in relationships. Venus-Pluto is the money axis, so we might expect money to be of importance.
Chart of Princess Anne with transits of the day of birth of Mark Philips
2.    She is an earth and water personality (rather introvert). The royal Leo Sun goes together with a docile and service minded Moon in Virgo conjunct Saturn. That explains the cold and distant manners.

She has Sun quintile Mars and semi square Uranus plus Mars semi square Saturn; those are 3 out of the 4 indications for women for possible divorce or not getting married! Ruler 1 Venus is also square Mars ruler 7 in 1. She is not the kind of woman to stay in a long lasting unsatisfying marriage and perhaps not the kind of woman to marry at all. She is very independent and knows how to stand up for herself.
3.    Mars trine Jupiter and Mercury conjunct Saturn as well as the ruler of the 5th house are in tight aspect with Midheaven. She could do well in science and in sports. Why was it sports?  The quintile of Mars with the final ruler of Midheaven (Sun in Leo) symbolizes a creative way to draw attention in sports. She seems to be very decisive and energetic and cautious in communications.
4.    AC/MC=Moon in Virgo semi square Venus (for the crucial importance of sense of beauty and style); Sun/Moon opposition Jupiter for being motivated by success and development. The Sun quintile Mars gives her a creative way to show that she is independent and energetic. Venus biquintile Jupiter offers opportunities for parties and finding a second partner. And Saturn quintile Uranus knows how to deal with protocols.
Chart of Princess Anne with transits of Diana's day of birth at 00 hours

Natal, transits and progressions for Princess Anne's wedding day
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