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Mercury-Saturn, Naomi Campbell and Mia Farrow

Naomi Campbell and Mia Farrow have different recollections of what happened on September 29/30 1997. Naomi thinks that she received a pouch with dirty stones that she gave away asap, not knowing if they came from Charles Taylor. Mia Farrow believes that Naomi said she got a (hughe) diamond from Charles Taylor and that she was excited about it. It seems that Mia Farrow's memory is better...
It is a classical Mercury-Saturn thing...

Above is the chart of Naomi Campbell.The transits are the positions on the day of birth of Mia Farrow (the Moon degree for her hour of birth is the 12th, btw).
The charts of Mia Farrow and Naomi Campbell contain the same aspect combination: Mercury-Saturn.
Mia Farrow has Mercury inconjunct Saturn and that Naomi Campbell has Mercury conjunct Saturn. They share a Mercury-Saturn combination. In the article about sharing aspects I wrote about Mercury-Saturn:
Mercury and Saturn: sharing the same hard convictions, being serious about that. With hard aspects you are both mistrusting the world outside and that is what joins you.
Since I wrote that, I noticed that Saturn is often about critism, too and that the connection of Mrcury and Saturn might be reflecting critisism about one's statements or ideas. Or about statements!

Mercury-Saturn is one of the aspect combinations of the post about 'slow answers,lies and Mercury'. Maybe sharing this aspect means that there is an issue about statements of the past. And apparently the world is not sure about who is telling the truth (and who is remembering the words of 13 years ago). Another quote about Mercury and Saturn (see Mercury and Lies, link below):
You just don't tell it all, sometimes because it is not official, or allowed or decent.
There may be many reasons for being cautious when you communicate and when Mercury-Saturn is around.
And there may also have been many reasons for not telling the truth at breakfast. Astrology doesn't help in such cases. The charts just reflect the issue of being restrictive with information, the Mercury-Saturn issue.
BTW: now that their statements are conflicting, we see Mia's Mercury square the progressed Sun of Naomi.

Here is some more about the synastry between Charles Taylor, Mia Farrow and Naomi Campbell...

Charles Taylor's Jupiter quatronovile Naomi Campbells'Sun and his Saturn binovile her Sun with his Uranus conjunct her Mars: that seems like if her life and lifestyle was supported and respected by him and that she 'rejoyced' that. Noviles and binoviles are like trines. They create an easy flow between objects in the chart. The Uranus-Mars connection promisses excitement and excitement is the word that Mia Farrow used to describe Naomi's state of mind at breakfast, telling her about the diamond that she had been given.

According to Mia Farrow (see her chart here... Naomi Campbell was excited,  the morning after receiving a blood diamond and she mentioned that it was a gift from Charles Taylor. Naomi Campbell had stated that she received a few dirty stones in a pouch, that she didn't know who gave them and that she gave them away. Naomi had transit Uranus trine Uranus that day. It is the kind of transit that everybody gets at a certain age and that is supposed to stimulate independence and maturity.

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Mia Farrow's prominent Mars is exactly conjunct the Mars of Woody Allen. They fought over the fact that he married her foster child. The intensity of this legal fight is mirrored by Mars opposition Pluto in Woody Allen's chart exactly on the meridian of Mia Farrow. More...

Naomi Campbell has a tight square between the Sun and Pholus. Pholus is the symbol of the centaur shooting his own foot and When Naomi Campbell was requested to go to Leidschendam, The Netherlands, to testify in the Charles Taylor case, transit Saturn hit her Yod. See:

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