Thursday, August 5, 2010

Transit Saturn: priority time

Recently I saw the effect of transit Saturn opposition progressed Sun in the chart of someone that I know. She is over 80 years old, now that this transit mirrors the end of a period in life and the disadvantages of growing old.  Fysical problems start creating barriers. This woman has always been healthy and wanted to travel again. There will be restrictions from now on and she doesn’t like them (of course). Her age doesn’t help and she sees it. Perhaps this will be the last time, the last big journey...

Transit Saturn in conflict with (Progressed) Sun happens more than once in life. The effect will be felt more when you are old or poor and when you have a Sun-Saturn aspect in the natal chart. It is often difficult to keep up standards and to keep respecting yourself when there is full view of your disabilities, mistakes and faults. The transit might last and be felt longer when Saturn is retrograding and coming back a few times.

Is there a positive side on Saturn? Perhaps this: when you learn to deal with your own definciencies and while learning how to control life and life style living with your handicaps, with schedules or deadlines, you may find a way to a more efficient and wise use of your (and others’ ) time on earth. The race againt time and restrictions can’t be won, perhaps, but you see priorities now. The big question is: how to spend time the most economic way…This is me, having a Saturn return today:)!

For those who want to spend their holidays in line with their signs in order not to waste time on the wrong sort of place, see the Sun sign- sunshine- holiday guide here...


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