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Prominent positions (like in August 18-birth charts)

Today it is the birthday of Tad Mann, Dione Forti and Waldyr B. Fucher (astrologers),  Robert Redford(actor), Roman Polanski (director) and Boyer Coe (Mr. Universe). Their charts show us that the most prominent positions in their charts give an indication of the (most important part of their ) professional careers. How about your prominent positions? And what are they?

Planets (and Sun or Moon) on prominent positions stand out above all others. Find your prominent positions and check their meaning. Consider that there are a lot of ways to express your prominent planets! (So if you don't know the meanings, start learning about the basics of astrology and the basic meanings of Sun,Moon and planets here...). 

Prominent positions are:
- 'calling' : no  major (Ptolemaic) aspects in orb 5 degrees or in sign
The energy of the planet will be expressed at any possible level. I wrote more about this on Astromarkt ('Conspicuous by absence')...For example: a 'calling' Mercury tends to talk,talk and talk (at any level...). More links follow...
- 'oriental' /'orientational' :rising before the Sun,Mercury and Venus. Everybody has at least one prominent planet: the object that it is rising before the Sun, Mercury and Venus. For an example of where to find the oriental placement, scroll down to see the chart of Robert Redford with Mars rising before the Sun. Continue for more...
- angular placements
A planet near the meridian or horizon has an angular placement (on Ascendant or Descendant, on Midheaven or IC). Scroll down for the links that lead you to explanations and examples.

First: some examplary charts.

Tad Mann is an astrologer, born today, August 18 (in 1943). His chart is on Astrotheme...
Neptune, Jupiter and Uranus are prominent in his chart.
- Neptune is 'calling' and opposition Aries Point.
- Jupiter is the orientational planet
- Uranus is angular
Jupiter/Uranus combinations are always there in the charts of astrologers. His Jupiter and Uranus are prominent. His Sun is semi square Jupiter/Uranus, Uranus conjunct Moon/Jupiter. More about Jupiter/Uranus and astrologers in this  post... However, Neptune is also important and new age activities go together with astrology.
In the post of 2008 I also mentioned two South-American astrologers: Dione Forti and Waldyr B.Fucher. Forti has Uranus on Midheaven and Jupiter quintile Midheaven.  Fucher's Jupiter is in Aquarius and elevated.

Winona LaDuke (born 18th August 1959 at 15:00 hours) is a Native American activist, environmentalist, economist, and writer.  See her chart  on Astrotheme. Mars and Uranus are prominent in her chart. Uranus is orientational and calling (not making major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees). Mars is on top of her chart. We immediately see the prominence of Mars and Uranus, the planets needed by any activist in order to change the world right now. For more about Mars-Uranus, see Astromarkt or use the labels.

Robert Redford was born 18th August 1936 in Santa Monica, at 20h02 . Mars is rising before the Sun. He started his career as a pitcher and is a producer. His 'calling' (unaspected) Sun shows the star in the chart. Neptune conjunct Moon and Venus is a perfect statement of artistic talent, sense of style and beauty and empathy. Neptune makes a minor aspect with Midheaven (105 degrees). Mars and Pluto, too, from the 5th house of entertainment. The chart drawing is below.

Roman Polanski was born August 18, 1933 at 9h30 in Paris. His chart has four prominencies: Moon, Mercury, Neptune and Pluto.
The famous director has Moon conjunct Pluto on top (for aiming at the psychological effect of his thrillers, perhaps). Both Mercury and Neptune are 'calling' . Mercury is also the orientational planet. The need (Moon) to tell tales (Mercury) of mysteries (Neptune/Pluto)?
More about his chart and talents on Art&Astrology... and a post on this blog about his chart and arrest...

Quite another profession is that of Boyer COE, the World body building champion, born 18th August 1946 in Lake Charles Louisiana at 21:35. Very impressive is the position of Pluto, rising before the Sun. Pluto is the symbol of power, force, strenght, money and influence. Notice Jupiter on the Descendant and the Sun in Leo, end dispositor of the Midheaven. Sun-Jupiter-Pluto: the formula for self confidence and success.

Birth chart of Robert Redford

Neptune/Pluto seems to work for detectives (and detective writers) and for those working in the world of mystery (mediums and magicians). See the post about Neptune and Pluto...
There is a post about Jupiter/Neptune in combination with Sun, Mercury, Venus, AC or MC that might help you find out more about your prominent combinations with Jupiter and Neptune.
For more about ' calling' planets and how to find them, read this post.... (with Venus and Jupiter examples) or the post about Mercury calling, or view the post about Saturn calling or Mars ' calling' and the selected firing squad....

For more about ' oriental' planets, check the label, or start with Mars oriental...

Dear Brutus has a complete article about angularity.

Boyer COE's and more ' born 18 August' charts on Astrotheme...

And I recommend 'Vocations' by Noel Tyl. His book opened my eyes for the importance of prominent placements for what and how you do it in life...


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