Sunday, August 8, 2010

Moon opposition Moon

Clara Rojas’  "Testimonio de un secuestro" describes her six years in the hands of FARC, living in sad and sickening circumstances in the jungle of Columbia, after being captured together with her former friend Ingrid Betancourt. The development of the friendship between Clara Rojas and Ingrid Betancourt is a good example of the effect of conflicting moon signs. In the jungle their friendship turned into distance. Why? First of all because circumstances changed for a longer period. And also, because of their moon signs.

 The Moon shows were you feel close, at home, where you belong, your habits and needs. Betancourt has a Moon Leo. Rojas has a Moon in Aquarius. Leo and Aquarius are opposite signs. 

They were friends as long as Rojas was dedicated to the cause of Betancourt and Betancourt was in charge. (Rojas’ Vesta is rising before her Sun and that is a sign for dedication.) But when they had to live close together the emotional and more domestic differences became a problem.

When people with conflicting moon signs live in one household or have to adept to each others habits and needs, a problem rises. Of course, one can submit him/herself to the other person. (Perhaps that is what Clara Rojas used to do as long as Ingrid Betancourt was ‘the boss’.) Another  ‘solution’  is to spend time alone or to compromise. For example, in the time of dinner or in the menu or in family matters (with Xmas!:).  Astrology finds it’s own compromises when the Moon is in a conflicting sign but making a quintile or biquintile aspect (72 degrees or 144 degrees distance between the Moon degrees). That is when the needs and habits don’t match, but the individuals may find creative ways to join them.

People with matching moon signs often attract each other, however…If the Moon degrees are making minor difficult aspects, in the long run little irritating things can cause emotional problems, too.

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