Friday, August 13, 2010

Football and love affairs

In February of this year the affair of (married) John Terry with the friend of Wayne Bridge ended the friendship between the men. It was hot news for weeks. Now there is a similar affair in German football. Read in WSC…how Michael Ballack is the John Terry of Germany and Christian Lell is Germany’s Wayne Bridge...Ballack had sex with Lell’s friend Daniella and Ballack is married (just like John Terry).

Just like in the John Terry-Wayne Bridge-case there is no day of birth for the woman involved. That is a pity, because the woman is the link between the men and it would be interesting to see how her natal astrological positions are linking them. To make it easy for astrologers, Venus is strongly connecting the charts of the football players...Venus is one of the symbols for ladies. So we don't need to 'cherchez la femme':)! There is a significant and strong interaction between the Venus of the men involved. Venus-Neptune, Venus-Pluto and Venus-Pholus are part of that interaction. They are the symbols of love and romance, jealousy and turning points in love life.

Also, the meaning of the transits and progressions of Michael and Christian are reflecting their present situation. And Mars (symbol of sports, energy, drive and males in general) is important for both. In Michael Ballack’s chart Mars is ‘ calling’. Christian has a very tight square between Sun and Mars. For more details, chart drawings and links, continue…

There is an interesting interaction between the (progressed and natal) astrological positions of the footballers.
1. Michael has Progressed Venus conjunct Neptune. Christian has progressed Venus sextile Neptune. In the progressed chart they share a Venus-Neptune aspect.
Venus-Neptune is the combination of romance and affairs and that is exactly what they share now (for a certain period).

2. Michael has transit Pholus conjunct Venus. Christian has transit Pholus 75 Venus. Both men have Venus-Pholus aspects in their natal charts.
Venus-Pholus is the combination of the turning point in relationships.  These guys influenced each other’s love life.

Christian’s Pluto is conjunct the Venus of Michael. It is a combination for sexual attraction between lovers and the jealousy that goes together with the intensity of this desire. Between hetero sexual men, it might be reflecting the attraction to the other person’s wife or lover (and jealousy, too).

I read that Christian Lell was once arrested for attacking his former girlfriend (was that Daniela, too, I wonder?) and I see the Sun exactly square Mars and conjunct Uranus for an explanation of his fiery temper.

Several transits and progressions are mirroring the events.
- He has had transit Saturn (symbol of responsibilities like parenthood) conjunct Sun lately. Daniela is pregnant.
- Progressed Venus is sextile natal Neptune. Sextiles between Venus and Neptune don’t produce sweet dreams, apparently. (More about sextiles? See the labels).
- Transit Uranus is opposition his progressed Sun for a period of controversy and upheaval.
So we have romance, controversy and responsibilities and he shares the 'romance'with Michael.
Christian natal progressed and transits

Mars is ‘calling’ Michael Ballack. The unaspected Mars gives him energy and drive and any possible level (and a hunch for sport). Three very significant transits and a progressive aspect accompany the events in Ballack’s life:
- Progressed Venus conjunct Neptune (romance, an affair)
- Transit Uranus inconjunct Venus (adventure in love with a lost involved, extraordinary and unbalancing upheaval in love)
- Transit Pluto square natal Sun (for stress, challenging as ever…)
- Transit Pholus conjunct Venus (turning point in marriage)

Ballack natal, progressed and transits

Transit Pholus is now in the 12th degree of Sagittarius. If your Sun,Moon,planet, Ascendant or MC (natal or progressive) are in the 12th degree of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces, you might experience a turning point in life, habits, preferences, interests or situation. This is of course depending on your personal situation and individual chart and stronger if you already have an important aspect with Pholus in your natal chart.

Transit Pholus is conjunct the Venus of Michael Ballack in the year that his love life, popularity and marriage is at risk. John Terry had transit Pholus on his Sun earlier this year...

John Terry is in the news again, see Times online ...He was breathalysed after coliding with the car of a Chelsea security staff member, leaving the man with a broken leg. He went on driving and later went to the police. Should it be the effect of transit Pholus on the natal Sun? Pholus*) seems to have the effect of Pluto, but harder.
*) 'unusual and thoughtless action', that is what I read in the interesting article about Pholus (one of the Centaurs) on

Wayne Bridge and John Terry used to be friends. That explains the strong synastry between their charts.

Just like Wayne Bridge and John Terry, Clara Rojas and Ingrid Betancourt have Moon opposition Moon.Their friendships were strong, but ended at a certain point.

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