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North Korea: des astres...

  It seems that when you don't control things, the asteroids are the reflection of 'disastres' (a word originating from French that means: what comes from the stars, des astres). When you are a football player or coach in North Korea you are supposed to win will be tortured and sent to a prison camp! This is the chart of the day of birth of the coach:

natal, transits and progression Kim Jong-hun
The coach's name is Kim Jong-hun. When he started training the boys, the progressed Sun had recently changed to the next sign*) and  he started a new life and lifestyle. This chart shows that it takes background info to read it. You need to consider that this coach lives in an extreme world. When there is little personal choice to make and an irrational government or strict rules for society decide about your life, your life path is marked with little dangerous and sharp stones and any step can cause injuries or falling. Maybe that is why the most tiny objects (the asteroids) are so important in this chart?

Saturn and Ceres seem to illustrate the consequences of breaking unwritten society rules. The Saturn-Ceres combination is active in this case and I have a second (Japanese) example...

Who would have considered that transit Ceres semi sextile Saturn (on June 21, against Portugal) - lost game, lost status - would have such consequences (or that Ceres square Mars would mean that your own roots are that painful?). In an earlier post (about Obama's progressed Mercury-Saturn) I mentioned that Saturn is often involved in criticism (with Mercury: about what you say). When Saturn is related to Ceres the criticism might come from the 'nation' (the roots, the backgrounds, those with your genes). I have another Ceres-Saturn example (link to post about a Japanese artist with Korean background who 'lost his dignity' (and his job) after he was drunk and nude and has Saturn rising before the Sun and opposition Ceres):

Culture and costumes are a very important part of the reading of a chart. Ceres might be symbolizing the very important rites, roots and costumes of Japan. Dignitiy is also very important in Japan. But Ceres is also the symbol of 'Mother Nature'. So Saturn opposition Ceres is reflecting the question (opposition) of dignity (Saturn) and Mother Nature (Ceres). The consequences might be rather disproportionate in my eyes. But in the eyes of the older generation of Japan the pop star lost his dignity. Perhaps that is another way to read Saturn opposition Ceres. He is also being payed by the government (Saturn!) and now he lost the job.
Here are the transits and progressions for his chart for the day of the lost match against Portugal:

His progressed Mars was in hard aspect with Quaoar (the symbol of creating new realities and new worlds). Now transit Quaoar is square his natal Mars. On a world wide scale, this 'sport' nation is indeed another world.

The orientational Pluto (symbol of politics, money and influence and of knowing the right persons) is semi square Quaoar in the natal chart. Although that is a more generational aspect in modern countries it is important in this 'brave new world'. For Kim Jong-hun authority comes first (Pluto), not just in his function (coach) but it rules his life. The authorities create and shape his world and reality.

Perhaps the fact that in the birht chart Sun is conjunct Jupiter (generally a helpful sign), that transit Jupiter is still inconjunct progressed Sun (support, but...) and that the FIFA has the authority to exclude North Korea forever, might help him get away with it and leave the country. His hour of birth is unknown and so is his place of birth. Little is known and little is certain. But the FIFA knows what country shouldn't be allowed the chance to torture or intimidate a team again!

More about how to find your progressed or Solar Arc Sun and what it means when the progressed or Solar Arc Sun is moving to the next sign, see this post...

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