Saturday, August 14, 2010

August 15, 1945

Chart for moment of surrender
This is the chart with the tightest orbs for the surrender of Japan, on August 15, 1945 at noon (when the speech of Emperor Hirohito was broadcasted). The tighest aspects on that special moment are significant:

  • Sun in Leo inconjunct Pholus : turning point for a leader, with a lost involved (surrender)
  • Moon in Scorpio trine Venus: good moment of harmony and peace
  • Moon biquintile Eris: creative moment in discord
  • Mercury is 'calling': important communication
  • Mercury quintile Orcus: message creating an oath
  • The Sun is 'calling': full attention for the leader
  • Sun sesquisquare Eris: a frustrating spotlight on discord
  • Venus semi square Midheaven: frustrating peaceful status quo
  • Chiron semi square Ascendant: frustrating situation of healing pain
  • Pluto is rising before the Sun: politics and strategy come first
  • Saturn and Neptune are also without major aspects, reflecting a sick situation and disappointment.
The combination of Moon trine Venus, semi square Jupiter and square Pluto illustrates a moment of joy and victory for peace.

It seems that the moment of surrender was corresponding with astrological reflections of lost and victory... Read Wikipedia and see for example that most Japanese retreated into their homes to contemplate about the speech and watch the position of the Moon (the people) in the 12th house of retreat and privacy. Also notice the conjunction of Mars and Uranus: the army was upset and revolted! Mars-Uranus is the combination of revolt (see the labels for more about Mars-Uranus).

- Gene Upshaw was born on August 15, 1945. He was a famous American football player and later executive director of the NFLPA (a professional association of football players), leading a strike. I have often found Pholus related to football and without Ptolemaic aspects with the Sun, the Sun is 'calling': we see a football star (with strategy/politics first).

- Alain Juppé was born on August 15, 1945. He is a leading figure in French politics.

The positions on the day of birth shows possible choices and opportunities or limitations. It depends on your genes, gender, situation and status and on the choices that you make, in what way you will translate the astrological vocabulary.


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