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The sometimes controverial statesman in the chart of Jimmy Carter

This is the chart with transits and progressions for Jimmy Carter, now that he is coming back from North Korea with a released American prisoner, Aijalon Gomez. (See the announcement here..) North Korea only wanted to let him go, if Jimmy Carter came to get him and Carter agreed. Transit Vesta, the symbol of dedication, is on Carter's Sun right now:
Natal and transits of Jimmy Carter
There are more transits and progressions at the moment that you see in the chart above and in the chart of natal, transits and progressions (later in this post). The natal chart shows us an ambitious leader with a very strong personality who is first of all a dedicated idealist with sometimes controversial ideas and decisions. This post is about a 'calling' Sun and Saturn, Moon in Scorpio trine Pluto, Venus with Neptune/Vesta and last but not least about Mercury-Uranus...Those are the most important features of his chart. They tell us the main story...
Among the manyfold aspects is transit Ceres on the Descendant. Ceres is the symbol of motherly love and care (among more, see the labels). The transits show care and dedication.

Another interesting combinaton of aspects right now is in the progressed chart: Sun/Moon = Mercury for being motivated to communicate. Transit Neptune trine progressed Midheaven shows the idealistic goal. The public opinion (MC) will be easily influenced with such an aspect. Neptune is the symbol of things we can imagine and of miracles. Neptune also symbolizes the media. 
And last but not least: we see the Progressed Moon and Prg Ascendant in aspect with his natal Sun: he is got our attention.
Natal, progressions and transits

It is not hard to see the President in the chart when you use tight orbs. The Sun and Saturn are prominent. The Sun doesn’t make major aspects within 5 degrees and is ‘ calling’ for leadership, attention and performance. Neither does Saturn, the planet of responsibilities, ambitions and administrations. It means that he had the potential of a leading statesman from the start.
His ideals and beliefs come first. You see: the idealistic Neptune is rising before his Sun. (The Carter Center -link to announcement above- is a human rights organization, founded by Jimmy Carter and his wife.)

Most American Presidents (and other politicians) have Mercury-Saturn-Pluto combinations for the strategic, political mind. It means that they know when or not to inform others or to use their knowledge. Carter is no exception, but the aspects are not clearly visible. They are minor aspect. Mercury – Saturn is 40 degrees, a novile. Mercury –Pluto is 67.5 degrees, a semi sesquisquare. Saturn is in Scorpio, ruling the 3rd house, to complete the picture of Mercury-Saturn-Pluto. It is the picture of the strategic mind and: having to make hard decisions.

Carter has Mercury opposition Uranus. People with Mercury-Uranus conflicts tend to controversial decisions and opinions*) and so does and did Carter. See the labels for more examples of Mercury-Uranus. BTW The 5 positions in fixed signs (Moon, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Neptune) are corresponding with the idea about Carter of being strong, persistent and...stubborn, devoted to his wife (Venus conjunct Neptune opposition Vesta). The same dedication will be given to what/who he likes, loves and prefers. The same and sometimes difficult character helped to get an American back home. 

The tightest aspect in the chart is that of the ruler of Midheaven (Moon in Scorpio) trine Pluto in Cancer. Moon in Scorpio is a statement for courage. The trine with Pluto (and the mutual reception of Moon and Pluto in each other's sign) mirrors that Jimmy Carter has a very strong personality, in combination with leadership and ambition (prominent Sun and Saturn). That is how he made it to be a President. But, it wasn't easy.

Just like in the chart of George Bush jr. the Saturn-Midheaven conflict shows that it is lonely at the top and difficult to keep standing on a needle and avoid mistakes. One of the bitter moments in his career was the Iran hostage crisis that started with transit Pholus quindecile his natal Sun. Jupiter inconjunct Pluto also shows that there is a price to pay for success. However, the fact that he was an American president is now the key that opens many doors.

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Carter's political ideas aren't always corresponding with official politics and what he writes is not always corresponding with the facts, they say, and causes upheaval. That reminds me of the Mercury-Uranus combination of Berlusconi...I quote myself about Berlusconi:
 "He keeps expressing controversial opinions and produces political incorrect statements. That is more than reflected by Mercury inconjunct Uranus and quintile Pluto, the combination of the radical mind."
and about Mercury-Uranus in general:

"Mercury-Uranus' effect is 'hectic' as the combination means 'information on impulse' (re: Mars-Uranus for acting on impulse) and provocative information (just a little different from what the others think). Uranus is the planet of change and Mercury of info, so lies of the Mercury-Uranus-kind are quick lies and often communication techniques like changing subject when it comes to telling the truth or at worst by twisting words and facts to end up with a completely different story.

It is clear that Mercury-Uranus afflictions have more influence on a person's appearance and acts when the two are important (for example: angular or oriental). Prominent Mercury's and Uranus are in the charts of David Cern`, artist and Hitler. Prominent Mercury-Uranus often manage to upset the public. 

When you have a Mercury-Uranus affliction it will not be easy to be political correct or to follow the instructions litteraly. You are an independent thinker and maybe later in life you learn that it is better to keep thinking and count to ten, sometimes (although it may feel like lying). This is especially important when you live in a situation that takes ' political correctness' (and that is in fact: saying what the others think that is right). For more Mercury-Uranus, see:
Inventing your own words (sometimes because you suddenly can't come up with the correct description) is part of Mercury-Uranus. Sarah Palin has Mercury quintile Uranus: a creative combination.
The worst way to express Mercury-Uranus: political wrong ideas and silly comments...
Galilei had to lie that he was wrong. A mind twisting experience...and very Mercury-Uranus: it was incorrect in those days to tell the world that the earth was revolving around the sun. 

and for more click the label Mercury Uranus!

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