Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Barack Obama's birthday

Only 3 weeks to go and the progressed Sun of Barack Obama, who is celebrating his birthday today, will be in the next sign, Libra, moving towards a pleasant trine with Jupiter. The polls may disagree*), but charts don’t lie: better times are coming. And that is in fact good news for the USA, because the people are subject to the chart of the leader. When he is fine, the nation is fine (whoever he may be).  But is he, now?

The inconjunction of transit Pluto with natal Moon will certainly stress emotions, but the sextile of transit Jupiter might also give hope. However: it is his birthday and exactly today is the progressed Mercury square Saturn (bad news, writer’s block, restricted communications, a hard decision to make). The message is: you get olderJ
Anyway, it is his birthday (not his solar return), so celebration time. (I guess that there are no flags like when a queen or king is celebrating her/his birthday?) For more about Obama, see the label...

*)The progressed IC has been inconjunct Pholus (indicative for bad polls). And that is over. 


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Stela James said...

The whole world is so excited to see this glorious celebration of this honorable man.

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