Wednesday, May 11, 2016


It is almost inevitable: Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the USA. Democrats won’t vote for a Republican and many Republicans won’t vote for Donald Trump. The astrological prospects are OK, too, though there might be nasty aspects with Moon, Ascendant or MC that we don’t know of, because her hour of birth remains a secret. This limits the astrologer, but there is still a lot to see in her chart. We know that she is a very ambitious woman and we can see that in the chart. How? See the article here:

Now I found another interesting key to success in her progressed chart.

In the progressed chart Jupiter rises before the Sun since 1983 and that is a good sign if you want a president who is open, optimistic and with a broad orientation.
In 1983 she got an important function ( ) in Arkansas. That was the year that changed her life. The progressed chart shows it.

Instead of Neptune rising before the Sun since the day she was born, the progressed conjunction with Jupiter in 1983 changed her orientation. She used to be idealistic in the first place. Jupiter altered that. Jupiter is the planet of traveling, the international, success and education (the higher level). She also changed her name to Hillary RODHAM Clinton in that year.

Conjunctions of the progressed Sun signal a very important change in the way that you continue. When you were born with Saturn rising before the Sun, your parents are of utmost importance and anything ‘classical’ or ‘official’, too. When later in life your progressed Sun is conjunct Mars (and Mars becomes the first to rise) you will have a different perspective and become more assertive, active and fiery than you were originally. You may look like a different person, from reserved to fiery.
The planet rising before the Sun is the planet of orientation. See the posts about the meaning of your first rising planet:

This planet shows you the way. Often it is Venus (wanting a partner) or Mercury (wanting to be a writer) that is first rising. When it is the Moon you will be interested in children and in your own folks, when it is Jupiter you will be interested in travelling and higher education. If it is Saturn, you will be very ‘classical’ and your parents are important.

Let me show you what happened to me.

The progressed conjunction of Sun and Mercury was in May 1971, marking the period of change due to marriage and changing my name, using my husband’s. There is no other progressed conjunction in my life.

It is quick and easy: you find the progressed conjunction in the ephemeris, taking one day for a year after birth. In my 21st day after birth the Sun was conjunct Mercury.

When the progressed Sun is conjunct a natal planet, there Is no change in orientation. It marks the start of a new period in life.

Q: how did the conjunction with the planet rising before the sun at birth, change YOUR life.

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