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This is the chart drawing with the positions on the birth day of Bilawal Bhutto, September 21, 1988. There is no birth time available, yet. (PS Thanks to Astrodatabank we know it by now. On January 10th Astrodatabank gave 9:30 a.m. See the message of January 10)

In the first days of January 2008 both Mars and Pluto will square his natal Sun by transit. Mars and Pluto in affliction point at the use of power and violence and the danger of an attack. It is also symbolic for the political (Pluto) struggle (Mars) that in some parts of the world is sometimes very violent. To accept his role as a leader of the opposition at this age is very courageous. Hopefully his prominent Venus (sesqui square Aries Point), symbol of diplomacy, leads to rest and peace.


The controversial - Sun square Uranus - director Oliver Stone is allowed to film the release of the FARC-prisoners held in Colombia. Stone was born 15th September 1946 at 9h58 EDT in NY, USA with an oriental Pluto, ruler 1 in 10 and Saturn conjunct the MC. Notice how managing (Saturn) and directing (Leo MC) movies (Neptune sextile MC) shows in his chart. Pluto shows the focus on gaining influence (and earning money: Venus square Pluto).

Saturday, December 29, 2007


Here you see the progressed chart of the murdered Benazir Bhutto, based on a birth time of 19h59, that I found on in the forum. Notice, apart from the transit of Pluto (in the birth chart in the eight house of life and death) with the Sun (ruler of the eight), that in the progressed chart the Sun and Pluto were getting closer to a conjunction. Also Transit Saturn sits on the progressed descendant (fysical fall, disadvantage produced by others) and on the IC you see a V. It is the V for Vulcanus, an object that was gratuit in my program and that I found on crucial places (Asc, desc, IC or MC) in cases of violence, such as the political murders in Holland (Fortuyn and Van Gogh). There is an article available about that in Dutch (you can see the chart drawings in the international language of astrology). The V of Vulcanus was also there in the London subway attacks. You can see the charts of that moment HERE...


Lindsay Lohan is in the news often, but rarely in a positive way. This time her ex tells the world that Lindsay is a nymfomaniac. OK...She is born 2nd July 1986, only 21 and famous. I wonder why her debute album was called 'Speak', looking at the lack of positions in air signs, the signs of communication. Missing elements and aspects often turn out to be conspicuous in abscence.

Looking at the gossip about her sexlife...look at the complex lines in her natal chart between and with the planets and lights that symbolise love and sex (Mars, Venus and Moon). Quindeciles point at obsession. In her chart Venus has two quindeciles: one of 75 degrees with Pluto and one of 105 degrees with Saturn: a combination for a die hard in love affairs: it might cost her to be beautiful and looking good always. Neptune adds addiction and desillusion...And what about the meaning Neptune has, too? is sooo Neptune!


King Gyanendra of Nepal (7th July 1947)has definitely become the last king of Nepal, now that the people voted in favor of a republic. This happens to him with Nodes square Nodes (a conflict in a community) and Pluto opposed to Venus (forced upon choices) and with the progressed Sun conjunct his prominent Venus (Venus is rising before the Sun and in hard aspect with Zero Aries). This is the second time that a progression of Sun and Venus is marking an important moment in his life. Before it was with the progressed Sun conjunct progressed Venus that his power was taken away and his role became that of a ceremonial ruler (april 2006). Perhaps Venus is crucial in his chart where it comes to his position in society.

BTW On the 4th of June 2001 (with transit Pluto inconjunct the Suns and transit Neptune opposition Saturn) he tried to get all of the power in the country after the massacre crown prince Dipendra committed, killing 10 persons. Dipendra was born 27th June 1971 with Mars sesquisquare Sun and biquintile Pluto, while Mars is 157.5 degrees away from the midpoint Saturn/Pluto (a combination that is often seen in the charts of people involved with violent death, as a witness,victim, investigator or the killer, of course not without at least 2 other indications).

PS May 28/29 2008 the Nepalese parliament confirmed that Nepal will be a republic (after April 2008).


The former British prime minister Blair has now definitely become a roman catholic. See the message of november about where to find the religious component in the natal chart of Tony Blair.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


The Pakistani politician Benazir Bhutto died. An attack killed her on a day with a so
lar transit opposed to Mars and transit Pluto still in opposition with her natal Sun. In some situations more is not needed, apparently...
For her chart and progressions see the message dated November 10 2007. In that message I pointed at the danger coming from the transit of Pluto.

PS Re: about Progressed Sun opposed to Pluto in her chart

7:59:03 PM is mentioned on the forum as the birth time of Benazir Bhuto, who in that case had Pluto in her eight house and the Sun was ruling the eight house. The eight house is the house of death.

And in addition: the fact that she died and Pluto is the symbol of danger does not mean that my pointing at the Sun opposition Pluto was meant as predicting death, just DANGER. Pluto is the symbol of sex, power, influence, politics and danger in astrology and it depends on situations and circumstances in what way Pluto will manifest. Not every person with a Sun-Pluto affliction in progress or transit dies (I am an example myself of surviving one:). Most of the time this aspect includes a come back, too. Nevertheless: Pluto afflictions can be very challenging...

PS See also the message of December 29 with the progressed chart.

Friday, December 21, 2007


Between now and 2008 there will be no new messages on Astropost, unless something extremely important happens (like there was the death of mrs. Bhutto). It is Xmas holiday time! With over 80 messages and the articles that you find on there is enough to spend these days! You are welcome here!

Have a good time and be back in 2008! I wish you a merry Christmas and a prosperous 2008!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Link to where they present the winter solstice chart for Washington D.C. (the one above is for Rotterdam, The Netherlands) with an explanation of the meaning of the houses in mundane astrology. Might be interesting...

A Mars-Mars and Jupiter-MC connection

Diana and Dodi: they must have made each other happy. Notice that his Jupiter squares her MC, while her Jupiter is conjunct his MC. I wonder it that could have prevented a row in the end. Her Mars is exactly square to his. Remember the charts of Paul and Heather? Her Mars inconjunct his...It must be attractive in the beginning but it might turn into fighting each other later when two temparements test their qualities.

She is an employee of Ingrid Bétancourt...

Clara Rojas is a formar employe of Ingrid Bétancourt (see the report about her) and was in the hands of the FARC in Colombia with Ingrid Bétancourt all of those years. Now it is said that she and her two sons will be released shortly. Should Ingrid Bétancourt be released, too?

Clara Rojas was born 20th December 1963 and will soon celebrate her 44th birthday. The solar return chart has Sun, Pluto, Mercury and Jupiter close together, opposed to Mars and that looks like a good sign. Transit Pluto is now conjunct Sun and semi square Progressed Sun (a transformation, a transfer, a come back: not without danger) and we see Saturn conjunct Progressed Uranus (often present when imprisonment or freedom is involved).


Gary Bauer (4th May 1946, Covington, Kentucky) might be one of the most frequent visitors of the White House. This very conservative christian might be influencial, too. Is it just coincidence that his Pluto is right on top of George W. Bush's Mercury?

Another visitor is James Dobson, born in Shreveport, Louisiana on 21st April 1936. He has 70% of the placements in earth signs and should be a materialist or realist. He is a very conservative christian, too. His Jupiter is spot on trine the MC of George W. Bush (6th July 1946, 7h26 EDT New Heaven) and that is an indication for a beneficial relationship. Also his Northern Node inconjunct the presidents' ascendant. Tight connections?

Time will tell, the visitors' list is still not available.

For more about American presidents, read the comparison of presidents or select one of the reading of the candidates on the index page.

Monday, December 17, 2007

chart of a fund raiser

It seems Ron Paul. another candidate for the presidency of the USA, has beaten the 'fundraising" record of John Kerry with over 6.000.000$ in 24 hours! This is his chart (time unknown!) for 20th August 1935 in Pittsburgh. Ron Paul is first of all a politician (Pluto oriental, orientation on power, influence or money) and he might be a leader (Sun makes no major aspects in sign and that is what I call a 'calling' Sun in Leo: he has a 'call' for leading and drawing attention). Here we have Sun, we have Pluto and there is Jupiter (sesqui square Aries Point) to complete the combination of self confidence that often leads to succes. The lack of placements in the air signs is indicating the need for communications. He sure knows how to get You Tube mobilised.


This is the birth chart of the new born grand child of Queen Elisabeth, son of prince Edward and his wife Sophie. He was born today at 16h20 in Surrey and you may notice that he was born under a sky full of pleasant positions. Moon on top might refer to his mother on top:) and it certainly might add to popularity. Look at Jupiter and Pluto on the horizon, semi square Venus and Venus trine Uranus! This could be a boy with succes in love or art...They say he looks gorgeous:)


A bit too slim Celine Dion ended a series of performances in Las Vegas. Celine, according to her birth chart, is a person who tends to work too hard.

With an ambitious crucial Saturn on the MC and a 'calling' (not aspected in sign...) Mars - for the workaholic - her natal chart tells us about energy, drive and the limits. But in the first place Celine is an artist. Neptune is oriental in her chart (rising before the Sun) and that indicates an orientation on the immaterial field (such as for example idealism, romance, arts, religion...). Also notice the midpoint yod of Sun, Jupiter and Neptune. It is a combination for people who are succesful in the media.

Astrothème says she was born 30 March 1968 at 12h15 in Charlemagne, Quebec (Canada).

SARKOZY in love with BRUNI

The French president Sarkozy (born 29 January 1955, 22h Paris) has fallen in love with Carla Bruni (23 December 1967, 18h10 Turin). Her Moon conjunct Pluto is square to his Venus. That is a strong loving feeling, yes! His Ascendant on her IC adds a sense of familiairity. But...their Suns, Moons and Venusses are in a difficult position towards each other, so it might not be easy to live together of to share each others tastes and preferences. Not as easy as it was to fall in love...

Here you see the chart of Carla Bruni with the positions in the birth chart of Sarkozy on the outside. Carla Bruni is an artist (Neptune oriental, conjunct Venus). Sarkozy is an ambitious man with diplomatical talents (Venus crucial, Saturn oriental). It caught my eye that in the composite chart Neptune is in a crucial position, right on top of the IC. Should it be just coincidence that Neptune is on the solar return descendant of Sarkozy? And that Neptune is on the solar return ascendant for 2008 for Bruni? I wonder...And what about the fact that they were first spotted in Disney Land (a sort of a miraculous place, full of fairy tales, in line with Neptune?)...Sometimes it is a miracle how astrology works.

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Prince Charles will appear as an optical illusion (a hologram) on a conference about the environment and energy in Abu Dhabi (held between 21st and 23rd of January 2008). By doing so he will save the earth another amount of Co2 (he need not go by air plane).

This link will lead you to an explanation in the Daily Mail.

During the event transit Pluto will be conjunct the prince's Jupiter, so I guess the Star Trek-alike event will be a succes.

Birth Chart of prince Charles

and celebrating his birthday

Johannes van der Giessen is celebrating his 108st birthday tomorrow. In my book Astro I.D. I payed attention to Uranus rising before the Sun in the charts of people who get REAL old (with examples). Johannes van der Giessen is another example! This position of Uranus was aparently stronger in effect than the combination of the natal Sun conjunct Saturn, opposed to Neptune (with a 3-fold midpoint combination to confirm this).

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Watching her weight...

The Daily Mail shows a picture of Sarah Fergusson (15th October 1959, 9h03, London) today and I was surprised to see how slim she was! It is an amazing transformation. Since a few years, the Daily Mail tells us, she is a spokesman of the Weight Watchers. In this message I watch the weight in her chart...

A few years ago her progressed Sun squared Pluto. Pluto is disposing of her ascendant and conjunct the Midheaven, what makes this planet (no matter how small) very prominent in her chart. Pluto and Venus on the MC tells us that money is crucial in her life and so is the value of beauty.

Being overweight is an astrological matter of Venus (sweet things, taste) and Jupiter (fat and too much), sometimes intensified by Pluto. Venus and Pluto are square Jupiter in Sarah's chart. Jupiter is in the first house, very telling...This combination is on the other hand a sign for successes in art or in marriage...With Jupiter square the midpoint Venus/Pluto she is definitely beloved.
More about Venus-Pluto in the article on my site Astromarkt...
Just an astrologers' joke: could we read Venus-Jupiter-Pluto as being on guard (Pluto) for too much (Jupiter) nice and sweet things?:)

Another point is the Moon (habits). In her chart the Moon is inconjunct Neptune and ...Venus-Pluto. The Moon is the apex in a yod with the most prominent conjunction in her chart! I noticed BTW that it is not easy for those with hard aspects between the Moon and Pluto to have to change a habit or food pattern. The fact that she did it in a period of Progressed Sun square Pluto tells me that it was a matter of strong will and fanatism that made her succeed. Just an astrologers' joke: could we read Venus-Jupiter-Pluto as being on guard (Pluto) for too much (Jupiter) nice and sweet things?:)

Money, spending too much, and the lack of money (having debts)...These were important maters in her life and that is why Venus-Pluto is crucial in the chart. Notice also Saturn in the second house! These days transit Saturn is conjunct her MC. This might be an indication of limitations, responsabilities, parenthood and respect to be importants items for her today.

See the picture...

Friday, December 14, 2007

shows effect of Uranus...

See how Uranus in transit is opposing the Sun of Hugh Grant...He is in the news because lately he does not seem to care much what people think of his behaviour...And that is so typical for the Uranus-effect!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

IKE (of Tina) TURNER:
and how her birth chart matches his...

Ike Turner (5 November 1931 Clarksdale) died yesterday. He is famous as the 'man of'...Tina Turner was his wife until she left him after abuse.
You see her birth (26th November 1939, 22h10 Bronsville) and the positions of his day of birth outside the circle. His Mars is square her Mars and Sun. I have seen several examples (like that of Paul and Helen McCartney) of people fighting each other who have a conflict between their planets Mars.

In her natal chart Tina has Sun square Mars. That is by the way one of the major indications for divorce in the chart of a female.
Notice that Tina has Venus square Neptune, that Venus disposes of the Midheaven and Neptune is square midheaven. That connects artistic talents with the MC (vocation, profession).

Another thing I notice is that Ike's Sun and Jupiter are conjunct crucial positions of Tina. They were very influencial in each others' lifes...He may have been supporting and coaching her (besides the beating...).

Ike Turner died in the year that his progressed sun passed to another sign. That is an indication for a change in 'being'.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


This is the chart of Jody Foster. Yesterday, given an award, she thanked her partner Cindy for her support. That was her coming out as a lesbian, though they spent years together, raising children. Watch the Venus in Scorpio conjunct Neptune for the secrecy or discretion and notice that Venus is sesquisquare Zero Aries (so: Prominent) and disposing of the MC. Venus is the planet of beauty and arts. Neptune is the planet of the immaterial (like movies are) and of being artistic.

Neptune is important in her birth chart, but these days transit Neptune is important as well. Neptune sits on the lowest spot of her solar return chart. And is making a square with the progressed MidHeaven! That seem to correspond with her statement. She said she was insecure and trying to get somewhere, without knowing where...Neptune for mystery and MC for goal...

Monday, December 10, 2007


I am not sure if Robert Plant (born 20th August 1948, 15h05 West Bronwich UK) planned the comeback of Led Zeppelin together with an astrologer, but it just might be so. Exactly today transit Jupiter is perfecting the square with his MidHeaven, while Pluto is also square the MC (for the comeback: and trine the Sun. Jupiter also trines the Sun. What you see is a double combination for succes. And then Saturn is also in a good mood, making a trine with the Northern Node to express the respect of the people.


Bullying tv-cook Gordon Ramsay (a Scorpio with a service minded Moon in Virgo, born 8th november 1966) has been visited by inspectors and they concluded that his business place needs a bit more cleaning. That does not really influence him. Transit Jupiter is conjunct the progressed Sun. Transit Uranus trines his natal Sun. All that matters is that Uranus is afflicting Mars right now, so that his work (Mars) is in the newspapers (Uranus). As mr. Ramsay has an oriental Uranus conjunct Mars, by translation of light, in a stellium with the Virgo Moon he is known for his hot temper and heavy critics. This goes together with emotions and ...yes...passion! Notice alsow the connection between the 3 planets in Scorpio (Venus, Sun, Neptune, a creative combination).

PS November 22
The above mentioned passion and a hot temper might also be the key to the latest news about him having an affair. Note that both Mars-Uranus and Venus-Neptune are combinations that are two of the most frequent combinations in the charts of men who divorce (once or more) or never get married at all. (The other two are Moon-Saturn and Moon-Neptune).

Sunday, December 9, 2007


Today Robert Pickton has been found guilty of the murder of at least 6 women. Because of 'circumstances' the jury judged that he was not guilty of murder in the first degree, so that he could be walking around again after 10 years, unless the result of the next trial (for the murder of another 20 women) will keep him in prison for life. Robert Pickton was born October 24, 1949. He is a Scorpio with the Moon calling (without major aspects in sign), in the sign of Sagittarius. In the study that Joanne Wickenburg did and that was published on Astrodatabank it showed that 74% of the serial killers she compared had Sun or Moon in Sagittarius. Remarkably frequent we found (in a study on an American forum) placements between the 16th and 19th degree of Sagittarius in the charts of serials. And that is exactly where the New Moon is residing right now. Transits (including solar transits) of today for Robert Pickton: Transit Sun square Saturn (day of bad luck) and conjunct Venus (but with some favours); transit Uranus opposition Saturn (limited freedom) and Pluto trine Mars (a victory). There will be another trial later...

Moon, Jupiter and Mars (in between Saturn and Pluto) are without major aspects in sign. These three and Venus and Sun are making aspects with Saturn and Pluto (Sun quintile Pluto). You see a die hard who is associating the female gender and love with frustrations.


Interesting synastry between the birth charts of Oprah Winfrey (helping Obama) and Hillary Clinton (the other candidate)! They - both influencial women - share the following aspects:

Sun - Saturn (Oprah square, Hillary quintile); they share nasty experiences
Moon - Uranus (Oprah quintile, Hillary square); both long for being different from the other
Moon - Jupiter (Oprah opposition, Hillary trine): success joins them
Venus - Saturn (both square); long felt pain if they break up
Mars - Pluto (Oprah square, Hillary conjunction); this could be destructive but they could have been teamplayers and joined forces...(well, maybe after Hillary became the candidate for the Democrats?)

And apart from that, Hillary has Moon on top and conjunct Zero Aries; Oprah has Moon on the IC, so that in the composite chart the Moon (symbol of the woman) is on the descendant, very prominent, opposing the ascendant. Popular and attractive women.

Their Mercury's (opinions) collide and the Pluto of Oprah is squaring the Northern Node of Hillary as for indicating the influence she has on the community that Hillary needs to support her.

So what aspects does Oprah share with Hussein Obama (born 4th August 1961 at ??? in Honolulu)?
They share o.a. Mercury-Jupiter (trine and opposition) for prosperous communications.

Does Obama have a chance now that Oprah supports him? It is difficult to predict, especially when it is about the future:) and even more without a birth certificate with his hour of birth on it. So looking at the charts of othter candidates might be helpfull, certainly when it is not about 2 candidates (republican and democrate) only. So more about that, after the democratic elections.

More about candidates:
Hillary Clinton
Rudy Giuliani
Barack Obama
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Saturday, December 8, 2007


In the chart drawing it says: 3 times champion: Sun in Scorpio trine Saturn for hard confrontations and Sun square Jupiter for winning them...

Re: the release of Joran van der Sloot

This is a- a bit shortened - translation of the article in Dutch called 'Vermist', about missing persons and those involved. Astrology is no help at all in finding 'who done it'. But I like to show how negative press related to aspects with Neptune have a sometimes false effect. Charts and stars do not judge, they just correspond.
This is about the baby kidnapped by the dingo (and about the mother who was found guilty instead). It is about Jonbenet Ramsey, found hours after dying in her own house. This is also about the still missing Natalee Holloway and Maddy McCann. In all of those cases aspects between Mars and Uranus and between Mars and Pluto play a vital role. Also Neptune, planet of mysteries, alcohol, drugs, animals, media and missing people is always there...

The baby of Lindy Chamberlain (born March 4, 1948) is supposed to have been killed by a dingo and taken away on August 17, 1980. But nobody at the time believed what the mother told them (dingo's were supposed to be nice doggies). The press was against her. In her birth chart the Sun is inconjunct Neptune.

- Negative image -
Lindy had the bad luck to have Sun inconjunct Neptune and Pluto (forming a Yod). How easy is it with such a combination to be seen in the wrong light! Her religion (she is a Seventh-day Adventist) was not much of a help in Australia. And notice that Neptune is the symbol of the wild animal, too. After years in prison they found a piece of the torn clothes of the baby, far far away and she was free again.

There is another clue to the fact that she was found guilty of murder. Her Saturn is right between Mars and Pluto. That is a combination for the theme of violent death that she shares with serial killer Berkowitz, Idi Amin and the murderer of the Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn (named Volkert van der Graaf). But she also shares this combination with those who were victimised by such a crime, like Yoko Ono, the girl Mahaty (killed by Karen Homolka) and John F. Kennedy.

- Faithfull coincidence -l
The event seems to have been a case of bad luck and coincidence. Mars of the little baby born June 11th 1980 opposed to Lindy's Sun and her Uranus squares Mars of Lindy. On the day the dingo kidnapped the baby Lindy Chamberlain had a.o. transit Mars trine Uranus and transit Uransu square to Mars. The Mars-Uranus conflict that is connecting mother and child is activated on that day.

Jonbenet Ramsey (6th August 1990 Atlanta 11:56) is the little beauty queen aged 6 who was murdered on December 26 1996. The family always said someone from outside the house and family must have done it. And though on the internet there is a lot of gossip going on about times and statements that do not correspond (like in the case of Madeleine McCann, again)...there are no proofs against the family.

- Family-

a. Father John Ramsey (7 december 1943, 12h45 Omaha) has Sun opposition Mars and Mars conjunct his crucial Uranus on the IC. Those are indications of someone with a hot temper. In October of 1996 he had Sun opposition Pluto and in January of the following year 1997 his Sun reached a sesqui square with Saturn. Neptune - the planet of the media - was on his progressed MC and so he was part of a gossip going around. Note that this is the same sort of aspect his little daughter had at the time! (see below...) Saturn was also in conflict with his progressed Ascendant and Venus. All these are very tough aspects that seem to match with the horrifying situation.

The latest report about him is that he is dating the mother of the missing Natalee Holloway, Betty Holloway Twitty!

b. Jonbenet's mother, Patsy (29 December 1956 - 24 Juni 2006) was a former beauty queen with Sun inconjunct Mars. The positions on her birthday show that she and her daughter had a close connection between Venus and Saturn. That is a common synastry aspect with mothers and daughters.

During the time of the murder Patsy has Saturn in opposition with the Sun. That indicates a depression and being blamed.

c. Brother Burke could have done it, said the public. He was born 27 January 1987. When his sister died he had Saturn in conflict with the progressed Sun and Venus. Transit Pluto was sesquisquare Mars. He was only 9 years old, then! The transits show his grieve and the fact that a crime occured (and that he had to defend himself, perhaps against the accusations).

- Jonbenet -
Jonbenet has an intruiging birth chart. This natal chart points at the disadvantages of beauty and charm danger.

The crucial planets Venus and Saturn are on both sides of the meridian (for the disadvantages mentioned before). Venus is on top: charm and beauty are above all of importance in her life. There is a grand square of Sun, Moon, Mars and Pluto. Mars and Pluto are prominent in her chart, as they are connected to Zero Aries by hard aspects (135 degrees). Mars is on cusp eight, the house of Pluto and Mars opposes Pluto. It is clearly seen that there is a danger to die (8) because of an act (Mars) of violence (Pluto).

- 26 december 1996 -
On the final day of her life Jonbenet had an appropiate transit of Neptune inconjunct the MC. She was missing for a few hours and her death has remained a mystery. She is sharing the Neptune-MC aspect with her father, that day.

In her solar return chart for 1996 Mars and Saturn take position on the cross of the chart: an end of energy.

- Fake killer -
One day a so called killer shows up: John Mark Karr (11th December 1964m Hamilton), a man with Mars partile conjunct Pluto. He and the victim share the aspect of Mars and Pluto. His Uranus is inconjunct her Moon (zero orb). His Venus trines hers. His Mars trines hers. He could have done it and so he was arrested. John Mark Karr has the same connection between Sun, Mars and Uranus as John Ramsey. But...his DNA does not match and though the man is a pedophile, he did not seem to be the murderer and was released on October 5, 2006. Karr was just obsessed by Jonbenet...


Another case of missing persons is that of Natalee Holloway. She vanished after a wild night in the Caribeans. Suspect is Joran van der Sloot, but there is no body to proof that Natalee is death, even. I mentioned in the article about sharing aspects this:

"He is born August 6, 1987, Arnhem. She is born 21-10-1986 Birmingham USA. He was the last person who saw her alive, it seems. As he suspected his and her faith are connected and so are their charts. Apart from the fact that his Mars squares her Pluto and Venus (...) they share :
- Sun conjunct Mars (he) and Sun square Mars (she)
- Sun square Pluto (he) and Sun conjunct Pluto (she)
- Both have Mercury conjunct Venus
- He has Jupiter sesqui square Saturn, she has the square"

When she disappeared Natalee had transit Mars semi square Mars and sesquisquare Pluto, activating the dangerous Mars-Pluto connection in her natal chart. Joran had Pluto conjunct Uranus that day and sesquisquare Venus. He also had Mars sesqui square Pluto. So coincidentally they had the same sort of transit on the same day, added with the aspects they already shared. Joran van der Sloot remains a suspect and was recently arrested for the second time, without any results. On December 8, 2007 they released him for the second time.

Maddy McCann vanished on May 3, 2007 at about 9 in the evening from the appartment her parents had rented for the holidays in Portugal. The parents were in a restaurant with friends. It is said that she was walking outside in pijama's the night before and this might have drawn the attention of some person. And it could be that her parents (doctors) gave her something to sleep. But nobody knows for sure what happened...

The little girl was born on a day with extra risks for her safety. Mars was in a very close sesquisquare with Saturn and septile Pluto. The Sun was inconjunct Pluto and Pluto quintile Uranus. These are nasty aspects, indicating the danger of violent death as a theme and pointing at some sort of an impuls, arrest (which is merely the same as being taken away from your safe place, a sudden revolutionairy change of life).

When she vanished the transitting Sun was in aspect with the positions Mars, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto had on her birth day. It was an evil day. And Neptune squared her natal Sun. Neptune, the planet of mysteries, drugs, mist, sea and disappearance. And indeed, this is stilll a mystery. It is also a media hype (Neptune again!) and notice, how religion (the visit to the pope) was again part of the scene.

- Suspect -
'Neighbour' Robert Murat, 20th November 1973, drew immediate attentino. He has Mars afflicted by Uranus. Venus is in hard aspect with these midpoint combinations: Mars/Saturnus, Mars/Pluto and Uranus/Pluto. No wonder that he was suspected. There are several links between the charts of Murat and Maddy:

a. His afflicted Mars is on her Venus
b. His Uranus opposed to her Venus
c. Her progressed Sun inconjunct his Uranus
d. Her progressed Sun semi sextile his Mars
e. His Pluto (zero orb!) sesquisquare her Sun of birth.

But does this point at involvement or is it more? The Jonbenet-Karr-case shows that coincidence does exist...

The father of Madeleine is Gery McCann, born June 5, 1968. Notice the aspects...Mars square Pluto and Uranus, Sun square Mars and conjunct Pluto (and compare them to the ones John Ramsey has, for example). Saturn is calling and oriental (good for a scientist or doctor). On May 3, 2007, the day that Maddy vanished, he had transit Mars opposed to Pluto. His progressed Sun squared Saturn. And Neptune was inconjunct his progressed Sun. So he was blamed and suspected...


Cases and charts like these are very much showing that speculations about guilt should not be done based on astrology. I have notice how the charts of lawyers and sollicitors seem to have the same sort of aspects as the criminals have...and their victims...The aspects point at a theme in life, not a guilt. The stars do not judge.

* Not:
In AstroMagazine, on 29/08/2007 I wrote about Steven Truscott. He had been found guilty when he was 14 and they accused him of raping and killing a schoolmate. He got life, was released after 10 years in prison (the best years of his life) and in 2007 (48 years later) found innocent. He was born January 18, 1945 in Vancouver. He has a close Yod of Mars with Uranus and Pluto. There were three midpoint combinations between these planets. Saturn opposed to Mars and Neptune was making a square. Astrological language for a possible arrest and crime as a theme in life.

John Mark Karr also has a combination of Mars-Uranus-Pluto! Robert Murat has Mars opposition Uranus. John Ramsey has Mars conjunct Uranus. And the only certainty that we have is that their names are linked to cases of missing people. It does not mean they did it. A television man in Holland (Jaap Jongbloed) is presenting a program about missing people . He has Mars semi square Uranus and Neptune (ruling the MidHeaven) is sesquisquare the MC. Check it yourself (he is born April 24, 1955 aat 9h30 in The Hague). This seems to be a perfect chart to end this article with...

You see above the charts of Jonbenet Ramsey and Madeleine McCann

Marga Bervoets
December 2007


John Darwin, the man who reappeared after being a missing canoer since March 2002, made all the efforts to be able to pay for his debts. He was born 14th August 1950 (according to Wikipedia) and though time nor place is available the birth chart shows some very interesting clues to the commited crime.

Pluto is rising before the Sun and conjunct the Sun. Money, power and sexuality, cases of life and death...these are the main items in his life because of that prominent Pluto. Notice that Mercury is conjunct Saturn and semi sextile Pluto: the key to a strategic mind. Mars semi square Saturn is often there in the charts of those who commit a crime or fight it. Darwin used to be a prison officer. Notice how the 75 degree quindecile aspect connects Mars and Pluto with Mercury-Saturn, connecting death with strategy.

It is interesting to see that the progressed Sun is now conjunct Neptune. Often Neptune is present where scandalls are being revealed and people see their portraits in the newspapers. This progression could also be read as 'enlightening a dissapearance' in this case.

There is a larger article about missing persons (f.ex. Natalee Holloway) and their charts available on in Dutch, just click HERE

BIRTH CHART JAMES BLUNT (Dutch website) reports that James Blunt is not exactly avoiding the other gender...He should have some reputation where one night stands are involved. James Blunt is born 22 February 1977 in Wilthshire. That day Mars was rising before the Sun and oriental in his natal chart. Mars is for enterprise, sports and...reproduction. Take into account that he is very attractive for a lot of women (being rich and famous)...

On his birth day this prominent Mars in Aquarius squared Uranus and was in opposition with Saturn (where is control and what are the limitations?). The Sun is calling for attention, Venus is trine Neptune for romance and artistic talents.

The message about his love life comes with transit Nodes semi square Venus (relations with females is the issue), Neptune semi square the progrssed Sun (frustrating negative imago) and Pluto inconjunct the progressed Jupiter (having succes, but...) .

Thursday, December 6, 2007

watch the synastry in their charts

When one person helps or hurts another, there is a link between their charts. Mr. Sarkozy asked the Colombian Farc to release Ingrid Betancourt before Christmas and see how Venus, Jupiter and Nodes of Ingrid Betancourt are connected to his chart.

There is more about Ingrid Betancourt on Astro Post Blog