Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Venus trine my puppy's

This is a happy day for me, as transit Jupiter is trine my Midheaven. Tomorrow, Jupiter will be trine my Sun. This is the week of my puppy. Her Venus is trine my Venus. That is a good sign! Meryl Streep married her Don in 1978. Her Venus is trine his.

On the way to see her, yesterday, I thought of some names and found at least 1 for the complete alphabet. I like 'Easy', for some reason. I was introduced to Izzy. She already had a name, because the person who first selected her, later switched to a male dog. Last week I accidentally  named the picture of Iggy (the woman dissed by Snoop Dogg): Izzy. I had never heard of Izzy before (it is short for Isabel).

Next weekend I will be very busy with the little one. She is cheerful (Moon Sagittarius; Venus and Jupiter rising before the Sun) and has a strong will (Sun trine Pluto, like I have:). She is also a Virgo (and perhaps that will make her fastidious). We'll see.

Venus-Venus synastry almost always shows mutual sympathy, even if there are different wishes and tastes. I am sure that my taste won't match Izzy's!:)

The trines of Jupiter are welcome as I am in the middle of an 8th house transit Saturn square progressed MC and square progressed Sun. I am planning to enjoy it!

About the synastry Venus-Venus and Meryl Streep

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Astrology chart of Snoop Dogg (dissing Iggy Azalea)

You know that every and any chart should be considered with age, gender, genes, social situation, conditions and culture in mind. Here is the chart of Snoop Dogg, a famous AND notirious rapper. He is the news because he keeps dissing Iggy Azalea (see this link). No surprise, because his Venus inconjunct Eris just loves to create discord!

A rapper is telling his own rhythmic tales. Communications and rhythm is what you need, and it helps to have a difficult background. The astrologic word for communications is Mercury. His Mercury doesn’t make any aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees and that is what I call a ‘calling Mercury’. When you have Mercury calling, you can’t resist to talk, talk and talk, so telling stories is your thingJ.). His Mercury is conjunct Ixion (symbol of ‘the bad guy’) and both are inconjunct Saturn. Mercury and Ixion are at the midpoint Sun/Moon. That increases the motivation to communicate along with a ‘gangsta’ issue (Ixion).

There is also a ‘calling’ Uranus, rising before the Sun. This VIP Uranus is a VIP rebel, like Snoop Dogg is.  But Uranus is also the symbol of rhythm and acceleration.

Mercury (voice, pen), Uranus (rhythm, rebellion) and Ixion (gansta): a recipe for rapping.

Let us read the chart in a more systematic way:

Uranus calling and rising before the Sun, ruling the 11th house of friends and communities
Mercury calling
We have fast talking here and controversial opinions (making a change by means of communications).

Libra Sun, Scorpio Moon and an early Taurus Ascendant immediately points at the axis of earning money. Moon conjunct Venus semi square Pluto and Taurus Ascendant inconjunct Pluto.

There is a pattern indicating issues related to making money and values (Taurus-Scorpio-Libra). There is a Moon conjunct Venus for sense of style and what people like. And the mentioned Venus (ruler Sun) inconjunct Eris links the charming Libra to excessive disagreement. Libra likes a good atmosphere, but Venus inconjunct Eris can't resist to throw apples:).
Iggy Azalea
Snoop Dogg was born with 5 placements in air signs AND a calling Mercury, so that there is a strong focus on communications and the use of voice or pen. And he happened to know a lot of rappers!

Midheaven’s ruler Saturn in the 2nd house and the lack of placements in earth signs (except for the AC) tells us about the need to get material security. Because of ruler 10 in 2 this is related to public (10) appearances (2 is 5 of 10). The most narrow aspect with Midheaven is made by Pallas, the symbol of (repeated) patterns.

Venus-Pluto’s mutual reception finally disposes of Midheaven in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn in Gemini in the 2nd house. That strongly refers to making money, again.

Now we got a person who is involved in public appearances (television, theatre), eager to make money and very capable and motivated to communicate (fast and furiousJ). As he is surrounded by rappers and living in a  ‘gangsta’ culture, it is more likely that he would become a rapper than an author. 
But how did he become famous?

When he became known (release of movie April 1991) transit Jupiter was square his Sun/Moon midpoint with Mercury and Ixion, but so was Saturn. There is a Jupiter-Saturn opposition in the natal chart. Such an aspect adds disadvantages to successes and vice versa. There was a progressed Moon trine natal and later progressed Jupiter in that year. That is one of the best progressions a person can have. As there was much exposure, his rap became a success.

I see none of the usual indications for success (Jupiter-Pluto combinations or Mercury-Jupiter), just Jupiter/Neptune with Midheaven (an audience) and Jupiter/Uranus conjunct Venus (sudden artistic windfall). Maybe you do? 

Perhaps the right moment (Moon-Jupiter in April 1991) was enough for a fast and controversial speaking gangsta man with an audience in the best period for rappers.


Here you see the chart of Snoopy Dogg, not so ‘snoopy’ and sweet in his fittie with competing female rapper Azalea. Watch the Mars-Sun and Mars-Saturn synastry!
Ctr and Tap or Click in the chart+ Open new window to maximize the chart! 

LINKS Eris, symbol in the charts of a ruined coalition

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Friday, October 17, 2014

What astrology needs is...

Now that we know the wrong ideas about astrology, let's see what astrology needs. You already know that astrology is the study of the correspondence between an image of the sky above and what happens below. Astrology is more than that and more complicated than that, of course. To work with astrology, an astrologer needs:


The interpretation of the symbols in the drawing that we make of earth and heaven of that moment of birth (or the event) is an art. So is communicating about it. You have to consider so many factors that using words with multiple possible specific meaning (like for example amorphous or esthetic or expanding) is required for mass communication. In a personal meeting and interacting there can be a more personal approach and the symbols can be related to the individual's situation (using words like dreams, love of art or successes). This, however, requires a thorough study of the chart and a keen knowledge of astrology's vocabulary. And the ability to associate (to link one thing to another like meanings to symbols)


You can't study astrology without an open mind. You need to have that 'helicopter view' and you need to be able to associate words and symbols.

It takes more than knowing 'what sign' you are to call yourself a student in astrology. There are numerous ways to study astrology and numerous ways to interpret charts. But there are common grounds in astrology.

 In Western tropical astrology the chart represents earth, surrounded by the heavens, with a special spot in the middle. That is where you stand or where the event happened. From that point of view the chosen symbols in the chart, interpreted with an eye for gender, genes, status, situation, age and other factors of influence, mirror a reality (note: it is not vice versa). Astrologers all over the world see the Sun as the symbol of vitality, life and heart. They agreed that Saturn is related to time, age, parenthood and ambition. They all consider Venus to be the planet of beauty, design and love. The symbols of astrology are flexible and have a different meaning in different times, social areas and cultures. Astrologers all over the world can see the different effect of a transit Saturn square Sun in times of war, for a poor person and for managers. They translate the symbols, taking that in mind.

Also, astrologers use to disagree over a lot of things, too. Astrologers are almost human:).

Astrology, that ancient tool to understand men, history and events will never die completely. That is because astrology is natural and related to nature itself. Astrology is the bridge between us and the world out there, the seasons, the tides and history. Astrology helps us get a spiritual view on what happens.

By studying astrology we open a window to better understand others, combining the chart's symbols with reality. In a way, astrology shows how important it is to take care of ourselves and others. The fact that circumstances and situations dominate when it comes to explaining the symbols (or translating them), shows us that it is worthwhile to keep trying to make the world a better place. The symbols of astrology are flexible and have a different meaning in different times, social areas and cultures. Astrologers all over the world can see the different effect of a transit Saturn square Sun in times of war, for a poor person and for managers. They translate the symbols, taking that in mind.

Astrology needs peace and freedom. We couldn't be astrologers if there was no peace, if there were no books and no choices to make. Astrology is a study for a free and healthy society. The fact that astrology exists in a society is the proof of the pudding. Where astrology is forbidden, the authority is strict. Where astrology rules, there is no certainty at all. It is better for astrology to be in the middle, where freedom of speech and freedom of mind allows astrology to be.

It works both ways. Astrology in itself doesn't attack the free world, nor is it a threat. It takes a free mind to study astrology. There is co-existence, for ages. The fact is, that I can see where my visitors come from and most of them come from the free world.

Even though some elements in society don't approve of astrology and would love to ban this study, the fact is that astrology survived thousands of years, without pressure, killing, war or prosecution. Astrology is vivid, because astrology is about us, you, the world you live in and the changing times. Astrology is flexible enough to live long ever after, though maybe not always happy. But that is human and natural, too.

What I mean is, that in a free world astrology may be taken seriously or not, but whatever happens: serious astrology will remain a spiritual and nature based study of mankind, from a different kind of view. 
I value and appreciate astrology for decades. Wrong ideas about astrology won't be able to erase my findings. Astrology may not be a religion, but I believe in the value of the study of astrology. That doesn't mean that I accept every idea without testing it. Here on I present my findings, using those concepts that I have watched, studied and tested, using real life facts and data. There is still a lot to be studied. I could go on for years and ages. And I hope that I can...

SUGGESTED LINKS Astromarkt studies

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Strange ideas about astrology

What astrology is not...

Guercino: Personification of astrology (ca. 1650)
There are lots of misconceptions about astrology.  Those ideas stand in the way of seeing astrology as it is: the spiritual study of the correspondence between the astrological (!) picture of symbols in the sky and earth's (nature's) reality (!weighing the influence of circumstances, genes, gender, culture and age). 
And no, astrology is not about a parrot picking a lucky card...and astrologers don't worship the Sun, moon or any of the planets or stars. In fact, there are astrologers all over the world and divided over all kinds of religions and convictions.

What more strange ideas are there? There is the idea that astrology is a sort of a religious belief and astrologers are leading followers of that belief,  in every single act and move. There is the idea that astrology is about 12 signs, dividing mankind in 12 kind of persons and that that astrologers don't know that those signs are not the constellations. There is the idea that astrology has been scientifically tested and that science proved astrology wrong. All that is not true. Those are the ideas of people who don't take astrology as seriously as I do:).
In some countries being an astrologer is dangerous as astrology is forbidden for religious or ideological reasons!

I started this post with a long, long defense of astrology.  I reread it and I thought: why should I mind? Whatever I say, it won't convince anti-astrology adepts at all, just as they won't ever be able to convince me. That is because I can see, hear, read, think and do my own research. Or maybe it is because I am as they are, so that I can only see the proofs of my own premise, just like they do. Whatever. I don't care. I offer some links here, for you, to make up your own mind.
I just don't want you to get any wrong ideas about astrology and astrologers. Think for yourself! And study astrology. It is an amazing eye opener in many ways.

Next post: what astrologers and astrology need is...

LINKS On the zodiac hype and '13th sign' Astrologer tested the wrong way, a dramatic story. They wanted an astrologer to find the right chart with a certain story (some of them alike). There were 7 charts! She had an afternoon to do this not very scientific test. Much cited Carlson test was NOT scientific enough...

Matthew the Astrologer mentioned 8 things skeptics of astrology don't get here:

 Wikipedia starts with saying that astrology is divination....

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The danger of Pluto, not on guard

Pluto's transits may signal danger. With transit Pluto inconjunct Sun, the failing security service of President Obama should be more alert (and especially in the days between December 10 and 15, 2014). Warnings, like the discovered mistakes, should be taken seriously. Usually, the transits or progressions of or with Pluto pop up in times of stress and threat, and usually people survive these aspects. Unless there is something wrong already and not when circumstances enable a danger or threat to become manifest and overrule the situation. A President is always in danger and should be protected by all means. Transit Pluto inconjunct Sun is an advice to appreciate life and avoid dangerous or exhausting situations. Pluto is the symbol of values, strategy and politics. The symbol of vitality combined with an aspect of "gliding scale" and intense Pluto, warns for being overwhelmed  and overpowered. Take better care, security service!

Here is the chart of President Obama and the progressions and transits of September 16, when an armed man joined him in the elevator.
To maximize the picture, CTR + Tap or click in the chart and open new window.

You and I probably survived more than 1 transit or progression of Pluto. Most people do and few will die. But it is  no rule. For example, my mother recently died with Progressed Sun exactly square Progressed Midheaven, both in narrow hard aspect with natal Pluto. After she broke her hip bone on two places in 2012, she had developed a health problem caused by a mix of drugs. The deadly combination just had to be taken, or else the pain would be unbearable. Her age, 85, and her situation (in a wheel chair), didn't help dealing with the problems. Pluto's presence in her chart warned for stress and danger, but in her situation little could be done about it, warning or not. Pluto makes it all complicated.

It CAN be done in Obama's case, however. The inconjunct of Pluto tells me that there is too much stress, danger and pressure right now. It should be easy to release him with the help of those close to him. He is healthy, not too old, rich and in a position of authority. But it takes security...Today the chief security stepped back.

The Pluto inconjunct of a nation's leader has strong effect for the people in the nation. The chart of the  USA is being hit by the stress provoking Uranus-Pluto square with transit Pholus opposition natal Mars (a point of  no return in a battle. Look around and see what is going on in the world. It is time to be warned and time to take measures in order to defend the true values of life.

I read Lynn Koiner's article , in particular the part of interaction about the inconjunct. Her advice was (in my words) not to get involved in unhealthty situations, not to endanger your life and health because of others. Perhaps that is hard to do. Please read the story of Edith Cavell, a heroic and executed World War I nurse, and her Sun inconjunct Pluto. She gave her life for the sake of others and maybe should have protected her own. I don't know... It is up to you to decide about the value of your life and that of others when it comes to it.

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Saturn transit and the heavy load

My blog is full of examples of transits, progressions and how the mirror real life. Today, I am the example. Remember when I wrote about my mother's tragic fall? She ended in a wheelchair , would never walk again, because surgery would kill her.  Here is the link:*)

Now I had transit Saturn square progressed Midheaven in Aquarius (trine natal Neptune). September was the month of involuntary detachment.  I could expect limitations, a fall, the end of a condition or saying farewell to a family member (and how true that was!), finishing my job...; a range of possibilities! First my site was off line. Later doctors advised me to do a stress test (after a sort of a collapse early September). Then, out of the blue came a cuff problem, about a week before my mother died. This shoulder problem temporarily disabled me.

I had noticed a strange pain in the biceps and started to train my shoulder. I also did a lot to get my site back on the internet after a hack. And I walked with my mother when I found out that I had to push so hard because of flat tires. All that, but most of all the effects of what I did before caused the sudden malfunction of my right arm. I am unaible to lift my arm. If I was a dog, I'd be crippled. The pain was nasty. It lasted for 3 days. Then my arm started functioning again, bit my bit. I can now raise my hand 110 degree.

It was a horrific idea to be unable to drive. It was and is a problem to get dressed. It hurts when I lay down and it keeps me awake at night. It's sad news for blogging (using one hand), again. Saturn sort of robbed me of my independence (well, of course the planet didn't. Transit Saturn only mirrored the situation!)

Meanwhile, another family member prepares to die and to complete the depressing scene, Pluto will be on my Sun/Moon midpoint and  this will be exact mid November.

Maybe the transits of Jupiter trine my MC and Sun come for the rescue...

So, if you see Saturn coming, take care of yourself. In spite of the positive views (like imagining that Saturn makes you wise), it hurts. Saturn symbolizes that you carry a (too) heavy load on your shoulders.

*) On September 21 my mother passed away. Medication mixes (heart and pain) were fatal in the end. I wrote about that in 'Danger of Pluto, not on guard'. I miss her.

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